Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


3. Poem Number Three




Walking down the corridors

With fuzzy lines drawn on your lips

You speak nothing but crude words

Rude words to them


Detached, unemotional

Fade away like a burnt photograph

Screaming inside your broken heart

Ripping open healing scars


Don't whisper out loud, dear

Someone could overhear

Watch as the clouds pass over the sun

As your vision gets unclear


Rain clouds will open up

Torrential, down pour

The pain will get stronger

Despite your fears


Count all your losses

Because they all count

To making you feel better

Piecing together your parts


His soul will guide you on

Through the purple storm

Shattering all our heavy burdens

Like how I smashed the glass


Broke free of the captive walls

Champion reigning over all

Queen and King, one single being

Ruler of my own



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