Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


6. Poem Number Six


We're the ride or die -rs

So leave me here with the lions

I'll find my place amongst the trees


we're only ever getting higher

shooting star, I'm falling brighter

I'm only ever who I've forgotten to be

smoking the big W in the sky

feels like you're happier in the night

Screaming just to hear the music set you free

​apart of the fireflies

amassing like small balls of orange light

I'm just spinning around like a ball of yarn

​misinterpret me, I'm a shadow of a life, we could lead

fall apart into a thousand pieces

Watch the waves of the sea overtake into me

outside where its midnight

kiss my strawberry tasting lips

nothings ever too right not right enough

here for a second before you gave up

rolling into the sun

insignificance lit into the biggest fire you'd ever seen

​We said we'd never leave

it would always be only you and me

But decisions change as often as the breeze

You mean everything to me

That's why we'll always be

The kids of the summer dream



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