Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


7. Poem Number Seven

Haughty like gusting winds 

But hotter than a burning fire 

Hell hath no fury like the hatred in your eyes 

Sure I'm no angel, but I'm also no demon 

If you want you can fight me and yes you're forgiven 

Not that I'll forget, that's the truth that I have bled 

But hell hath no fury than the hatred that I will surely survive 


  From that ice in your stone cold greying eyes 

The wear around them suggests you've won battles of this sort a long time 

No I won't bend, I won't break  I refuse to end up that way 

As if, As if, I would hate to lose to you  in something such as this 

From the fear they've only governed to the weaponry in their own two hands

 Striking out at the innocent 

And reluctant to rebel 

No one will stand up for the ones 

That are now dust amongst the sand 


  There is no shame in boldly walking away 

Dropping the fight to be the better person 

Its foolish, childish even but we both know 

I do not deserve it 

Fury like the dragon fire you breathe all over me

  I know you bait my needs to leave 

By using those cold ways you speak 

Stop, don't talk to me, 

Listen up, halt, freeze

Just slow down, you're a bully 

Screaming things about being bullied 

Well shut up, so have I, so has the man down the street 

We've all been there, don't act like 

You're the special one, grabbing at the grass 

like are you a goat?   


Don't talk like we're both friends 

We both know when this day ends 

You'll go back to talking behind my back 

Having what they call those ratchet bants 

Like laughing about my face, or my hair 

Should I tell them all your private things 

Isn't that fair? 

If you wanna tell the world the things I like to keep hidden 

Then its only safe to say that I do different 

I'm nowhere near p e t t y 

No you're the one thats petty all the time  


I don't wanna fight right now,

I'm done with all this fighting,

I'm done with turning the other cheek 

Forget this love we preserved dump it in the sea 

Because you and I know we can't go on living in a lie, not this time 

Our hearts were bruised struggling to survive 

With the pain that we allowed, too hurt to heal 

With the way we kissed before we had to kneel 


  Let it go 

Let it go

Let me in 

Let it go

Let it go 

Let me in


Battle gear we're sliding on our bronze shields

Heavy metal hearts on slow wheels 

Trying not to pass out from your yield 

Because I can't fight well when you're near 

Armour on I'm coated in this steel 

Why would I fault when you're here 

I want to be with you every step of it all 

But if we fall,

We have something to hold on to and that's us that's me that's you 

That's us that's me that's you 

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