Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


5. Poem Number Five


Choking in the night

Death to nothing but its like

You're frozen, falling and paralysed


Like Like Like

Repetitive shattering right from your fingertips

To the centre of you're heart


And you wonder to yourself

Why the fuck is it always me

That is drowning slowly in negativity


Hands of coarse rock stretching over your face

Doom lurking for the right time right moment to ruin

You're left paranoid, scratching at your insides


A wilting flower, a burn out, a flame so bright its gone now

You're no less than an empty piece of paper

Fluttering in the wind


Forget the lost ones,

Emma, Jane Eyre, Dorian

You'll never be one of them


Wasting away like an unoriginal rotting sandwich

The fakery you clung to has fallen apart

No one likes the look of your black heart


Inside, you are slowly going insane

waiting out the sunnier parts of the long day

To scam someone else for your own pain


There is honestly no other way

To escape the lies you keep painting

A shawl of delusional protection, you thought you could keep you safe


But you were afraid to admit you were wrong

And as everyone of them left you succumbed to the change

The darkness said 'Hullo' and you watched it overtake


The happiness in your eyes is a burn out, a burn down

Your momma see you cry, she's scared now

She couldn't see how you did it to yourself


Such a sucky way to feel when you're barely existing

Between your future and past, becoming difficult to distinguish

Your open harming everyone else as a cry for your own help


Crazy how when you cry wolf for nothing everyone comes

But now that you're scared nobody runs

They see you as not worth saving because you can't tell them the real reasons


That's why they just stopped believing

Just say the truth and they'll stop leaving

But you're too scared to do that! So watch it all fade to black.



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