5SOS Preferences and Imagines


1. Author's Note

Hello! My name is Libby and this is my very first Movella!🙋

I think I should first announce a few things that you should know about me...:

•I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read and write!! It's one of my absolute favorite things to do!📚✒️

•I fell in love with 5SOS about two and half years ago, so I guess you could consider me fairly new to the 5SOS fandom.

•I discovered 5SOS whilst riding in the at with my aunt and cousins as their big hit, 'She Looks so Perfect' came on the radio and I immediately fell in love with their music.❤️

•I'm personally "into drummers", but I also like bassists as well...😛

That's just about all I think you should know about me, so here's a few facts to know about this book...:

This book will be a preferences book about the four guys, but I may also add a few separate imagines about each of the guys.

I will try to be active as often as possible! I know how annoying it can get when a writer starts a new really great book, but they never update that book... That can be very frustrating, but so can not being able to update as frequently due to school, work, or other special activities that may begin to explode into a person's life. That gets to be very hard sometimes... I will try my best to succeed in writing this book for all of you in which are interested in reading it.

My updates may vary at different times. Sometimes I may be able to update up to 4-5 times daily, but other times, I may not even be able to update weekly. Each time I believe I will have a change in schedule for my writings, I will try to update this book with an author's note in order to notify you of this.

For a closing of this author's note, I want to send out a HUGE thank you note for reading my 5SOS Preferences and Imagines book. Please remember to give me your feedback, I'd love to know what you think...☺️❤️

Once again, thank you so much for reading this, I have the highest hopes that this book will turn out to be a big success...❤️

-Love your writer,


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