So... I thought of this little thing while walking home from the bus stop earlier today



"This one." Mum would say after coming up with yet another brilliant idea. A bright twinkle in her eyes, "This one is going to be my novel." I thought back to that hope she once held as I walked past the closed door of her bedroom. The last time it had been open was nearly a week ago.

"Mom." I said, faintly knocking on the door. No answer.

"Mom." I tried again, feeling the desperation and loneliness build like a tidal wave behind me. I bit the inside of my lip, feeling tears roll down my cheeks.

"Mom!" I sobbed, banging on her door. "Please... please don't leave me." My voice dropped to a whisper and I let the sobs take over my body.

Normally I never cried. Normally it was Simon who cried. Then I would hug him and hold him in my arms until he stopped. But Simon wasn't here to cry anymore, and I felt like it was my obligation to him. I felt like I owed him a lot of things after he killed himself.

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