I Chris have a nightmare


1. My Horrible Nightmare.

It was bedtime and I wanted my own room that I finally got I went to sleep and then I had a HORRIBLE nightmare. I was in an abandoned house all alone at night I went inside silently and went to look in a mirror until... I saw a killer clown with blood on his chainsaw I tried to get out but the doors were locked it was no use I was stuck inside... I screeched louder than I should've and said: I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE HELP ME IM NEVER SLEEPING ALONE AGAIN HELP HELP! I regretted that because when I did a BIG monster and I mean HUGE woke up with red eyes he was red he looked like lava and his teeth were so pointy and sharp. I ran away and hid under the bed until I saw a monster and said: AHHH MONSTER UNDER THE BED HELP ME AHH MOM DAD? HELP ME! But then the big lava monster entered the room, I was holding my breath he was throwing every single thing on the floor and burning it when he turned around I went out I realised their was cameras and the thing attached to the monsters was the footage he came outside and chased me and he was shooting fireballs at me! I was soooo scared. I screamed: HELP HELP HELP AHHHHHH. I kept on dodging the fireballs. But he was throwing them SOO fast. I tried so hard to wake up but I just couldn't I felt like I was here in real life!! I got away but from then there was just much more worse when I was screaming I woke up every single monster that was in here and realised this was a haunted house. I was surrounded by every single monster you could imagine the one under the bed, and the killer clowns that was inside the mirror. The clown sawed me and the monsters ate me, I was terrified. Till I heard a voice going 'WAKE UP! ITS 1PM.' I realised that was my mom and somehow I could wake up I screamed: AHH MOM I DONT WANT TO SLEEP BY MYSELF PLEASE.' My mom said: Had nightmare had you? I said: YES, the WORST one POSSIBLE. Mom said: Okay, you can sleep with us what  was the nightmare anyways? I said: IM NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. Mom giggled and said: Okay, dear. Lets just get you ready for school. I got ready for school and then went off to school. 

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