Spacious Skies

Joey can't stand staying inside the castle walls. His mother, who he once thought of as a brave warrior, is losing herself with all the potions she's been drinking and his sister isn't helping.
He's done.
One night he finally runs away. The stars are so beautiful and, with no plans of turning back, he loses himself.
But there are monsters in the night and Joey doesn't know how to fight them.
And now he's all alone and sure he's going to die.


1. Monsters

Joey lays in his bed. He's not trying to fall asleep, though. When he finally hears his mother close her door, he's going to run away. He already packed his stuff, now all he has to do is leave.

Finally, a loud slam echoes through the castle. Joey waits a minute, the gets up.

He grabs his bag and makes his way through the castle down to the gates. Quietly, he sneaks through a gap in the side and begins to run.

Joey barely ever gets to leave the castle walls. Running through the open field makes him feel free, he feels so alive.

As he reaches the edge of the field, where the plains turn to a thick forest, he slows down. His mother had always warned him about monsters lurking in the forest.

Then again, who was she to tell him what to do? She couldn't take care of herself, how could he trust her.

He decides to trust his own logic. Monsters aren't real, that's just made-up fairy tale stuff.

He walks slowly into the forest, grabbing a lantern out of his pack and lighting it.

The forest seems less ominous when it's illuminated. He stars walking quicker.

He starts to think about where he's going to go now that he's free.

However, he doesn't get the chance to decide. He hears rustling in the bushes. Then the sound of something getting sliced, then panting.

He freezes, clutching the lantern close.

He hears a whisper, but can't make out what it's saying.

Suddenly, something jumps out in front of him. He can't see it clearly but it's definitely not a human or any animal he knows of.

He's second guessing his logic. This is a monster. He can tell by the twisted way it moves, the terrible way it smells and the sharp teeth sticking out of its mouth.

Joey wishes he hadn't left. He had felt so free only seconds ago and now he's going to die.

He backs up and hits a tree.

Before he can let out a scream something runs between him and the monster and before he knows it, the monster is dead on the ground.

"I told you to turn your lantern off," a voice hisses.

The voice belongs to a boy Joey's age with thick brown hair and gorgeous lips.

"I didn't hear you," Joey whispers, "And who are you?"

"I'm Daniel," he says, "What's a prince like you doing out so late?"

Joey shrugs. "I'm running away."

Daniel laughs. "Yeah, okay. I'll stay with you until you decide to run back."

Joey smiles. "Thanks- and I'm not going back."

Daniel doesn't look convinced. "Sure."

They make their way through the thick forest, luckily, not running into any monsters.


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