Online Relationship

Luke and Taylor have just met and Luke is flying to meet Taylor until something Horrific happens


1. Online Relationship

Luke a boy who was 24, loved going on this website where he met people he'd hangout with he met this girl Carmen They told each others their ages Luke said: Hey, I'm 24! Carmen replied: I'm 24 too. Luke: Uhm, strange... Carmen said: Luke, I'm actually 14... Luke said: Uhm, sorry I gotta go. Carmen was heartbroken... Then Luke met this girl named Taylor that he'd always hangout with he LOVED Taylor and Taylor loved him back, they were actually married and they both didn't tell ANYONE. Danielle was Taylor's Sister that was older than her and they had a little sister called Brielle, they were a online family. Luke told Taylor that he'd fly to Australia to be with her, Luke was on his plane and till then they hadn't talked, Riley who was Carmen's Stepmother was furious she went to Taylor's house and stabbed her, she cried: Please, no! Riley replied: Never! Taylor was rushed to hospital, Riley came in and said: If you don't kill yourself then Lukes DEAD. So Taylor did it, When Luke arrived he asked his dad whats going on. His Dad Said: Sorry, Son Taylors dead. Wait a minute... Didn't you die in that plane crash? Luke said: No, that was the plane BEFORE I arrived. Dad replied: Sorry, Son. Luke was so upset, Luke had never knewn about Danielle and that they were twins. So when they went to Taylors grave Luke said: Taylor? Danielle replied: No, I'm Danielle Taylor's Twin sister, Why don't you come in for a tea i'll tell you what REALLY happened to Taylor. Daniellle Explained about Riley and Carmen killed Taylor and said that they'd kill you if Taylor hadn't of killed herself Luke was Furios He said: I'm going to kill her Danielle replied: Wait shes my sister I'll come too! They arrived at Riley's house Luke said: It's over Riley! Danielle interrupted: Remember me? Riley said: I don't remember you a bit. Danielle pulled out her gun Riley Pulled out her knife. Riley said: I needed to kill you anyways. Luke was stressed he grabbed the knife out of Rileys hand and stabbed her, Riley cried: Please no! Danielle said: This is what you get for killing my sister! Riley was laying dead on the couch bleeding, Danielle said: Thanks, Luke! Luke said: No problem, she was a monster anyways...

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