Hazel White can be a bitch. She absolutely hates people and has one best friend, who at the moment is going to college in Connecticut. A few thousand miles away, in America.
Hazel is starting her career going to a college to be in business. That's where she meets Luke. Luke is a sensible nice guy. in other words, Hazel's complete opposite, yet somehow, she's intrigued. Only one problem...


2. Hammered time

Okay. How do I look?" I ask my best friend, Queenie.

"You wait until now to ask?" Queenie gasps at me. 

"I'm sorry! I'm just nervous. This is my first college party." I say as I chew on my bottom lip.

"Hazel. Trust me when I tell you you're going to be the hottest girl in there." She reassures me.

"I feel sick... maybe we should head back to the dor-" Queenie covers my mouth with her hand.

"If I ever hear you try and avoid a party I will physically pluck each hair out of that gorgeous little head of yours and stuff it down your throat." She warns me playfully.

Sometimes Queenie amazes me. At times she can be this shy, sweet, innocent little ball of joy, and other times... she's like me. A crazy fucking bitch.

"Lets do this." I try to put my game face on.

"Don't do that. You look like a puppy taking a shit." Queenie swats my arm.

We walk up the steps to the party and are greeted my a pantless guy holding a sword made out of beer cans.

"Thou mus'st pay a fee if thou want in the partee." The boy says as he waves his sword around.

"How much?" Queenie frowns as she pulls out her wallet. Aka, her boob money.

"15.00 dollas a person." He says proudly.

"Jesus." I say. "We could have just gone to hooters and gotten the same experience but cheaper." 

Queenie lets out a snort as she hands the boy a twenty and two fives.

"Enter at thy will." He gestures for us to enter.

Queenie took my hand and we walked into the house. It wad pretty crowded and the only source of good entertainment was the television that was playing pretty little liars.

"Want a drink?" Queenie asked me with a smile.

"Uh, yeah, I guess." I rubbed at my arms up and down to get rid of the goosebumps. Don't get me wrong, this was a little intimidating for my first party, but I had goosebumps because I was cold, not scared.

"Walla." Queenie placed a cliche red solo cup p into my hand and guided me into the kitchen where she had just come from.

"Hazel, I'd like you to meet tonight's bartender, Lucas." Queenie smiled.

"Please call me Luke. I see you've already got a drink."he gestures to my hand.

"Um...yeah. compliments of Queenie here." I pointed to the overly ecstatic Queenie who was watching us with a smile that would make even Ronald McDonald blush.

"Excuse us."someone said from behind us. 

Queenie and I turned around and I pulled Queenie to the corner.

"I seriously do not want any enemy's my first college party." I chuckled lightly, but meaning it all lol the same.

"There's always somebody." Queenie tisked.

"Can I just label that as Queenie's words of wisdom?" I laughed.

"Yass." Queenie giggled.

"How you girls doing?" Braden larder approached us.

"Perfectly fine up until a second ago." I smiled.

Queenie gasped at my sudden audacity.

"What the Fuck happened to not making enemies?" She whispered.

"Plans fell through. Plus, or really hated that dude." I shrugged.

"Still here." He glared.

Queenie and I walked away with no further comment.

I chugged my first beer and whispered to Queenie I was going to get more. 

Luke was no longer the bartender. it was this really hot dude who looked totally trashed.

"Refill." I smiled.

"Oh. I like a girl who can handle her alcohol." He smirked as he put the beer tap in the cup.

"We're running out so I suggest you drink it fast if you want more." He winked.

"I'll remember that." I said as I took my cup from him. "Bottles up!" I yelled as I chugged my second cup of beer. 
Although it was gross, it made me feel powerful. like if I had a red solo cup in my hand I could conquer the world. granted, that's what drink people think right before they get in their cars...

"More?" He asked. His eyes seemed to light up at the thought of a young pretty girl getting drunk.

"Mozeltov!" I said. He smiled as he filed my cup to the brim.

"There you are. I expected you to come back like 5 minutes ago." Queenie frowned. "How much have you drunk?" 

"Um...3?" I asked, confirming it with the bar tender.

"Shit, girl."Queenie gaped. "Slow down."

"But I don't want to." I pouted.

"What happened to Luke?" Queenie asked the bartender dude.

"Bathroom break. asked me to fill in."

"Tell him Queenie left." She said as she grabbed my arm, pulled me outside, dumped my drink, and shoved me in her car.

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