Hazel White can be a bitch. She absolutely hates people and has one best friend, who at the moment is going to college in Connecticut. A few thousand miles away, in America.
Hazel is starting her career going to a college to be in business. That's where she meets Luke. Luke is a sensible nice guy. in other words, Hazel's complete opposite, yet somehow, she's intrigued. Only one problem...


1. introduction

Hazel Jessa White: brown hair, green eyes, freckles, loves to party, flirt, and is sometimes a bitch... okay, most of the time. she is spunky and charismatic. she has an eccentric sense of style, usually crop tops and waist high shorts. she has an odd knsession with socks and absalutly loves knee high. DOB: 2/13/99

Bianca Queenie Hillary: blonde hair, brown eyes, loves to read, study, and gets easily annoyed. (hazel sometimes thinks shes messed up) she is pretty chill up until she gets a little too much fun. then shes batshit crazy. Bianca is a walking model. metaphorically. she wears clothes that look like she just walked out of an american eagle outfitters magazine. DOB: 6/25/98

 Zachary (zach) Garren Mitchell: red hair, ice blue eyes, freckles, loves hazel, anything hazel does, and is constantly up Hazels butt (hazel absalutly hates Zach but doesnt tell him, although does show it) zach gets really freaky and once addmitted to watching hazel sleep. hazel no longer lets him stay over... DOB: 3/7/98

Luke Robert Hemmings: blonde hair, blue eyes, loves to make people laugh, talks a lot, and is really funny. Luke is pretty passive and that's why Hazels obsessed with him, in a way. Luke can be quit the charmer at times. DOB: 7/16/96


Ashton Fletcher Irwin: Brown hair, Brown eyes, loves to party, be an asshole, and occasionally likes a game of croquet. Which has nothing to do with his actual life. Luke and Ashton are best friends but there's one problem... Ashton is in love with hazel, and hazel has her sights set on Luke. DOB: 6/7/94


Calum Thomas Hood: ​ although he's not around much, calum and Bianca are pretty Good friends.hazel doesn't particularly like calum, and quite frankly calum dislikes her.for instance, she keeps calling him Asian... DOB: 1/25/96


Michael Gordon Clifford: ​​​ Hazel and Michael are honestly best friends. Although Hazel believes he related to beetlejuice, they're still a great pair. Hazel didn't call Michel by his name though...she calls him Gordon, because she knows it sneakily infuriates him. DOB: 11/20/95


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