Hawaiian Delight

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  • Published: 6 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 5 Apr 2017
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Exploring the all wonderful things,especially food, in the island of Hawaii is a miraculous experience for the British boy Elton and his family.


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   The flight was exciting. But there was something more exciting than the flight. Elton never flew so many hours. It was his intercontinental flight and couldn't find himself place inside the plane. He wasn't scared at all even if being only 9. His parents also were with him. In fact, the flight was Elton's idea. His mom was from Hawaii. Her name is Aolani. She met Elton's father at a library in a college in England where she also studied. Elton's dad was typical Englishman.

The family has never been in Aolani's fatherland, well an island, so Elton convinced them to go to Hawaii and see the island. Elton has never been on an island. Dundy, his father, was also curious to know a little bit more about the Hawaiian culture.

One sunny June, the three booked a flight to the island. Aolani didn't tell them anything about Hawaii but allowed them to experience themselves all the beauties there.

-Soon you'll see for yourself!-smilingly said Aolani to Elton who was really eager.

 The boy was proud for having a foreign mother. He told everyone in school about her Hawaiian mother. Some of the children were jealous for him. They wondered what is life with someone who is not from England and has an accent. Elton felt every time so special when he talked about his exotic and sunny mother.


                                                                                               . . .


  Already on the island and with wreaths of rosy flowers on their necks and many times repeated the word ''Aloha!'', Elton was dragging his father to the nearest restaurant.

-I am starving,people! Let's try first local cuisine!-suggested slyly Elton.

-I hope to like Hawaiian traditional food, honey, you haven't eaten such food at home.-said Aolani and then whispered something to her husband

-Now, let we see the menu!-offered Elton and saw the names of the dishes. They were funny and sounded like a cartoonish names of animals -''Lau Lau'', ''Loco Moco'', ''Saimin'', ''Musabi''

-Mom, how come the names of the Hawaiian dishes sound like a silly tongue-twister or code names for something?-wondered the 9 year old boy

Dundy started laughing, while Aolani tried to explain:

-I told you, you don't have such dishes at home. But everything in these dishes is familiar to you, Elton, don't worry!

-Really? OK. What is ''Lau Lau''?

-This is pork in taro leaf,dear.

-What about ''Saimin'' then?-wanted to know the English boy

-Noodles and broth with meat!-answered like a student in front of the blackboard the mother to Elton

-No, it is not for me but I want to try ''Loco Moco''!

-So, you want a hamburger with rice, gravy and eggs! Nice choice!

-Yeeees, it's something I can eat. Already love it!

-For me, I 'll take Hawaiian Barbeque Chicken, honey.-said the father who also ordered a Hawaiian red beer.

-And I 'll order meat and rice,wrapped in a sea weed or in other words-''Musabi''!-said Aolani to the waiter.

Elton was impressed. Everything here was different. Not just the food. The sea, the sand, the trees, the customs, the clothes, the way people like..... And it was just the first hour from the adventures of the family from England. Elton couldn't be more ready to explore everything and try everything, even fried banana. The great Hawaiian vacation has just begun and at the end Elton will have a bunch of stories to tell to his friends at school. Who's like Elton, right?

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