The Histories of the Nilites

In a universe first-glance that seems like ours, the beginning is nowhere the same. The myths of the beginning of this world start with Nihl, primordial darkness and chaos, and how things go from there. (OKAY, SO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NOT NOT HAVE INCEST DO NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE DNA, OKAY NO DNA, PRIMORDIAL MIST FLOWS THROUGH THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE CONDENSED PRIMORDIAL MIST. NO INCEST. PLEASE NOTE: NO INCEST. THOUGH SOME CHARACTERS ARE STATED TO HAVE DONE HANKY-PANKY, IT IS NOT INCEST, OKAY NONONONONONO INCEST.)


12. Terram’s Reanimation

Amare, heartbroken at Terram’s death, made a little man out of the soil and asked each of the Nihlas to sacrifice a bit of their life force to bring him back. They all sacrificed a bit of themselves to create a weaker version of Terram, and Messor retrieved his soul from the dreamscape.

The result was a short and stocky Terram, and not nearly as powerful as he once was, but alive all the same.

At this realization of death, some of the Nihlas started harboring thoughts of keeping their life forces forever, though some of them were so depleted already….

Like Imbrem, her life force nearly depleted from crying the world’s rivers and oceans, was visited one day by several of the Nihlas, saying her tears and rains were causing floods, that the Nihlas were being washed away.

Amare complained that it would disintegrate the soil that held together Terram. Imbrem, tired from her constant crying, told them she would stop for a while, and went to sleep.

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