The Histories of the Nilites

In a universe first-glance that seems like ours, the beginning is nowhere the same. The myths of the beginning of this world start with Nihl, primordial darkness and chaos, and how things go from there. (OKAY, SO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NOT NOT HAVE INCEST DO NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE DNA, OKAY NO DNA, PRIMORDIAL MIST FLOWS THROUGH THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE CONDENSED PRIMORDIAL MIST. NO INCEST. PLEASE NOTE: NO INCEST. THOUGH SOME CHARACTERS ARE STATED TO HAVE DONE HANKY-PANKY, IT IS NOT INCEST, OKAY NONONONONONO INCEST.)


6. Somnium: Nihla for Malum’s Sickness

The next Nihla created was Somnium, from an agreement between Somnum and his youngest sister, Curare. Curare, aware of her mother’s happiness of creating her, and also knowing her intention of creating a way to control sickness and pain, wanted something everyone could have, because Curare was busy tending to Dolor’s mistakes and the general sickness of her mother, and various minor ailments of other Nihlas.

The agreement came about when Curare sought out Somnum, having been told by Mortem of the conversation with her mother of sleep being a peaceful thing.

Spurred by this, Curare wanted to make sleep more enjoyable, and sought out Somnum. Somnum agreed, though he thought Curare’s idea was to replace him, so he was hesitant, but went along with it anyway, but made Curare promise to name the child for him. Curare agreed, and Somnium was born. Somnium is a refined version of sleep, providing happy stories, memories, or situations for the dreamer to live in until they wake up.

The next child is also of Curare, but of Dolor, as well.

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