The Histories of the Nilites

In a universe first-glance that seems like ours, the beginning is nowhere the same. The myths of the beginning of this world start with Nihl, primordial darkness and chaos, and how things go from there. (OKAY, SO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NOT NOT HAVE INCEST DO NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE DNA, OKAY NO DNA, PRIMORDIAL MIST FLOWS THROUGH THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE CONDENSED PRIMORDIAL MIST. NO INCEST. PLEASE NOTE: NO INCEST. THOUGH SOME CHARACTERS ARE STATED TO HAVE DONE HANKY-PANKY, IT IS NOT INCEST, OKAY NONONONONONO INCEST.)


10. Imbrem

When the Nihlas convened with Terram about the dryness and barrenness of the planet, he told them he could do nothing, not alone, at least. The Nihlas, irritated began fighting among themselves. Amare, hating the rift it was causing, and wanting to make up for their mistake of the nightmare Tantibus, offered up her life source to create a being to end the dryness. The Nihlas agreed, and Amare and Terram pulled their forces to create a being, which became Imbrem.

Imbrem, one of the earth and love, ascended to the heavens. From her powerful life force, she let fall to the earth sprinkling rains, ending they dryness. The Nihlas returned to wandering Terra, occasionally visiting Imbrem to request rain in a region.

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