The Histories of the Nilites

In a universe first-glance that seems like ours, the beginning is nowhere the same. The myths of the beginning of this world start with Nihl, primordial darkness and chaos, and how things go from there. (OKAY, SO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NOT NOT HAVE INCEST DO NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE DNA, OKAY NO DNA, PRIMORDIAL MIST FLOWS THROUGH THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE CONDENSED PRIMORDIAL MIST. NO INCEST. PLEASE NOTE: NO INCEST. THOUGH SOME CHARACTERS ARE STATED TO HAVE DONE HANKY-PANKY, IT IS NOT INCEST, OKAY NONONONONONO INCEST.)


7. Amare: The Love of Curare and Dolor

It is known that Curare was the balance to Dolor, to ease the pain he caused, though it eventually went beyond this, and they joined together in a rare occurrence of true passion and love.

Because their attraction and devotion to each other was so great, Curare and Dolor created a being from a rare meeting of physical contact: Amare. Amare was the offspring of healing and pain. Love can be both, so they were created. Amare is genderless, because love knows no bounds between the romantic, platonic, and familial loves. Because Amare is genderless like Nihl, it is thought that they are very powerful.

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