The Histories of the Nilites

In a universe first-glance that seems like ours, the beginning is nowhere the same. The myths of the beginning of this world start with Nihl, primordial darkness and chaos, and how things go from there. (OKAY, SO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NOT NOT HAVE INCEST DO NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE DNA, OKAY NO DNA, PRIMORDIAL MIST FLOWS THROUGH THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE CONDENSED PRIMORDIAL MIST. NO INCEST. PLEASE NOTE: NO INCEST. THOUGH SOME CHARACTERS ARE STATED TO HAVE DONE HANKY-PANKY, IT IS NOT INCEST, OKAY NONONONONONO INCEST.)


18. Accidental Winter

One day, Herba was planting flowers alone, when Mortem, death, saw her from behind one of her trees. Because they were apart of her, she could sense him. She called out to him, and he came forward, rather sheepishly.

    He told her that her gentle nature had enraptured him. Herba, flustered, asked if she could do anything for him. He told her, no, really, but was curious what a being of both their creations would look like. Herba, inquisitive, agreed, and together they created a skinny, pale being with white hair and an angry, angular face. Though he did resemble Luna, his features and attitude were harsh. He declared himself Hiems, Nihla of winter, and disappeared in a whirlwind of snow, causing Herba’s plants to freeze over.

    Distraught, Herba fled the scene, leaving a saddened Mortem behind her.

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