Bloody Clock: The Beginning of the Murder

Bloody Clock is the game where each and every characters need to find many ways to survive from being killed in the progress, if each and every one of them pick the wrong choice they get murdered.

But one girl who was from the abandoned hospital started to feel confused and begin to walk around, before she meet 'HER' at the entrance of the hospital.

Will she survived?


1. Prologue - The cursed blonde girl

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young blonde lady with her parents in a lonesome house. The mother was a beautiful woman and her father was the master of the curse, the young girl was the same thing as her both parents but has something that she can't evenly understand. Her mother was always not on the house, but only she went into her next mission just to gain money to support her beloved daughter. Her father was the kind and gentle man who can find many ways just to remove the curse and save the people. But the daughter was special. Many people in the village respected her parents and herself, the people were happy that no enemies arrived in the town, and her mother were smiling at her when she got the free time. And they were once a very happy family forever. But that didn't last much longer, one day, the blonde girl started to walk around the town just to buy her favorite item. But once she entered the store, many people were starring in fear at her which made her feel confused. The owner of the shop apologized her and tell her on what is exactly going on. There was once a rumor on her father, 'Do not interfere him young girl, you will be forever cursed into the mirror of the curse.' 'Young lady, I fear for your safety from that wicked and foolish man.' 'Lady please, what ever happened just be brave and be sure that he was killed!' She was feeling confused at first but on her inside, FEAR is haunting her ALIVE. So she thank the people for that warning and finally get her favorite item, she may not know what it is but she likes it when it was shining like a diamond. But once she walked her way back to her home...........
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