Lily is a story about her life through her journeys of happiness, disappointments, & sadness. As she narrates this story she discusses about her first love/crush, kiss. A new job at a shop, meeting new friends. meeting enemies. Her new adventurous moments with her happiness & accomplishes. She faces her fears & obstacles with these new things in her life. Join her as she goes through a whole new life-change when she moves in and as she tours the new city.


1. My new life

As I woke up and my eyes were adjusting in the sunlight my alarm went off. Uggh. Man I am not a morning person. I got up from bed and decided to get ready for old times sake and to just get ready for my day. Went to the bathroom and decided to put on some music on my phone to get ready for my day. "If you can see that I'm the one who understands you." I love Taylor swift. My jam song right there. So I brushed my teeth, packed up my hair, picked at my face and whatever. Took me a while that I had to take a shower. Got undressed and here we go. After a good 15 minute shower I felt good. What to wear? What to wear? Ooooh. Look what we got here in my closet. A pretty blue green long dress. Got that on went to the bathroom to fix my hair and put on makeup. After that I went to the kitchen to fix myself scrambled eggs and toast and coffee. Coffee. Wouldn't live without my coffee. I'm fixing breakfast and my phone is ringing. "Good morning Meg, How are you?" I'm great thanks. Right now I'm fixing breakfast and after I'm done eating go to work and from there run a little errands. Yes. I have things to do at work today. I don't even like my shop that I have right now. Only a few people are coming and that's it. I think it's time to look for my dream job. I would really like to open my shop in New York. That would be awesome. This old shop isn't even mine. There's a lot to be fixed at that shop. It's hella boring.  You think so? For me to start thinking about my shop, to start planning and building? Thanks girl. Your the best. Well I gotta go and start finishing my food. I'll see you soon. Bye." I think it's time. Quickly finished my breakfast and poured my coffee into my cup. Let's do this. "You can do this Lily. Push through and everything will be alright. I can do this. I will survive." Welcome to my new life.  

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