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Ever wanted to write a story but just couldn't think up a good plot for it? Well fear no more! Endie is here to help you get the perfect plot* for your story.

*Plot perfection not guaranteed, results may vary


2. Plot #1 [ unclaimed ]

Everything is normal and happy for [Insert Country] until the [Insert Number] World War started. In a panic, the government launches the [Insert Name] project. Once the operation begins civilians are taken from their homes and experimented on to be turned into mutant super weapons. While this is happening an underground rebellion is starting to bring a stop to the [Insert Name] project. The fight has went on for years, seeming like an unending stalemate between the two but the rebellion is starting to figure out how to mutate people (although it is temporary and weaker) but there is only a matter of time before the government finishes their strongest mutant yet that will make the war impossible to win.

  CLAIMED BY ; Nobody
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