Stay with me (a carl grimes fanfic)

Your listening to music in your room when your doorknob move. You've already called out your dad and got no response. Later on you figure out that's a a cute boy and his dad.


1. chapter 1

I was listening to music when I heard a loud boom! I took out my earbuds and I peeked around the corner I called out my for my dad. "Dad! Dad!" I yelled but didn't get any response. Then I heard someone say "I don't think anyone's here, come on we need to find supplies." I put my hand to my chest. "What's happening, that doesn't sound like my dad." Then she saw her doorknob move. "What am I supposed to do!!!" I looked around my room and grabbed scissors and hid under my bed. I was breathing very hard. Then the door opened and I saw someone with big brown boots and someone with smaller black boots. "Try to see if you can find anything Carl I'll look in the closet."

"Okay dad." I heard the smaller one say. "Who are these people?!" Then the smaller one got closer to the bed and I could feel my heart beat louder then ever. Then the smaller one looked under the bed. And I screamed. And he took his hand out. I came from under the bed. And that's when I saw him. A boy about my age with blue eyes and nice wavy brown hair. Then his dad said "CARL, who's that!!" Then Carl said "she was under the bed, she looked scared." Then his dad gave a stern face. And said "you got a name?" I swallowed my spit and said "I- I'm Beverly." Then the smaller one said "well I'm Carl and this is my dad rick." Then Rick said "welcome to the group Beverly."

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