behind the mask

Ever: can you love someone?
waitress: why of course you can dear.
Ever: can you love someone, someone who is always hiding?
waitress: hiding? what do you mean dear?
Ever: like they are always in the shadows. its almost like they are hiding behind a mask.
waitress: if you truly believe that this someone is hiding behind a mask as you say, then try to get them to open up. you never know there may be something there that wasn't there before.
Ever: thank you!


1. prologue




i just wanted to be lost, and never be found.

he was lost, and he needed to be found.

i guess thats why fate brought us together. 

he was beautiful, mysterious, lonely, he tried to keep to himself. he never showed emotion. he sometimes disappeared. 

he always had a single red rose on display. everytime a petal fell he became more and more distant. its as though fate brought us together so we could help eachother, only thing is he didnt seem to want help.

now my only question is what does fate want me to do, and was this really a good idea?

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