behind the mask

Ever: can you love someone?
waitress: why of course you can dear.
Ever: can you love someone, someone who is always hiding?
waitress: hiding? what do you mean dear?
Ever: like they are always in the shadows. its almost like they are hiding behind a mask.
waitress: if you truly believe that this someone is hiding behind a mask as you say, then try to get them to open up. you never know there may be something there that wasn't there before.
Ever: thank you!


3. day dreaming

Evers pov:

im running through the woods, laughing, smiling, being happy.

I turn around to see who im running from.

when i turn i see drew.

Drew he is an amazing best friend! sorry boyfriend of 1 week! he treats me right.

suddenly everything goes dark.

the blue skies turn gray to black, the grass is no longer vibrant but a dull green. the trees, the flowers, the sun, the light breeze all gone.

as i turn to look for Drew he is no where to be found.

i call for him and look. yet i come up empty handed.

so i run and i run it seems like decades before i come to a clearing in the woods. i see our car "im saved" i think to myself.

Yet when i get closer i see drew his body that is.... i see red letters written on the car window.. it read " Don't worry dear. we will come for you soon enough. until then sweet dreams!"

that is when i suddenly jolt awake out of the nightmare as my best friend liv was shaking me telling me to start sleeping at night and that class was over.



hey guys! i know it has been a long time since i updated. im sorry. look would you guys please comment on how you like the story so far or if it is terrible.... please i want to write a good book but i dont know if i can do so. so i would love to hear from you guys. please anything! ok bye for now!




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