Mia is a foster child that has had amnesia since she was 4. She got adopted by the Rede family when she was 7 years old. She suddenly got 5 new cousins and new parents. At first she was shy and didn't talk, but later on she started to get more comfortable and cheerful. Then suddenly she learned that she had a twin brother and big sister in her childhood. When she meets them, how much will her life change?

( Yaoi and Yuri! Don't like, don't read! )


1. New Family, New Life

The bell ringed as the door of New York Foster Care swung open. A beautiful woman with shiny blonde hair and baby blue eyes stepped in. Following behind her was a man with chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"Welcome!" A nice lady welcomed the happy couple. "Are you looking for a child to adopt?"

"Yes, ma'am." The woman replied nicely. "We are looking for a toddler."

"Right this way." The lady guided the couple to the toddler room.

They looked around the colorful room full of small children. Then the woman's eyes paused on a little girl in the corner of the room. She was smaller then the rest of the children. She had long, light pink hair and same color eyes to match.

The couple walked over to the child. "Hello. What's your name?" The woman bended over and asked the child gently. The little girl stared up at the couple silently.

The lady giggled, "Her name is Mia. She is only seven years old."

"Mia..." the woman whispered. Then she turned to the worker, "We'll adopt her."

The lady that worked there picked up the little girl. She walked over to her desk and settled her on top of it. The couple filled out some paper work and payed the money.

"Alright, she's all yours!" The lady exclaimed. At first the girl refused to go with them, but after a few minutes she gave up and left the building with them.

Once they got to their house, the woman walked into the kitchen. "Are you hungry, Mia?"

The little girl just stood at the door, silent. The man then picked her up and plopped on the couch with her on his lap.

"We're your parents now, Mia. You don't have to be so scared. We won't bite!" The man said playfully.

"O-Okay..." the little girl said softly.

The man patted her head happily. "So, Mia, what would you like to eat?" The woman asked again.

"I would like some strawberries, please." The girl said politely.

"You want strawberries before bed?" The woman asked, giggling.

"Yes, please." The little girl said with her eyes shining.

The woman giggled again, "Alright, I'll make you some." She opened the fridge and pulled out the strawberries. She washed them and cut them up. Then she put some in a bowl.

"Here you go, Mia." She handed the bowl over to Mia.

The girl's eyes widened, "Th-Thank you!" She gobbled down the strawberries quickly.The couple happily watched the little girl enjoy her strawberries.

After she finished her strawberries, she fell asleep on the couch. The man picked her up and took her in the master bedroom. The man and woman slept together with their new little girl snuggled in between them.


The next morning, Mia woke up to find herself in the bed with her new father. He was lounging on the bed and watching tv. She looking around for her mother.

"Daddy, where did momma go?"

Her father was happy to hear her call them "daddy" and "momma".

"Your momma went to go call your new cousins to see if they could come meet you."

"Cousins?" The little girl tilted her head.

"Yes, you have five cousins that live near us. You could get to meet them today if their daddy's and momma's say yes."


Mia was nervous to meet her new cousins. She isn't good with crowds.

After a few minutes, her mother walked in with a happy expression on. "Good news! Your new cousins are coming over to meet you this afternoon!"

Mia's eyes widened, she was both scared and excited. She hid under the blanket and started shaking.

"There is no reason to be scared Mia." Her father put his hand on her back. "They're all little angels. I'm sure you'll like them."

She peeked out over the blanket and looked over at her father and mother. Then she nodded her head,

"Okay. I'll meet them."

The couple looked at each other happily. "Alright, then I'll help you get dressed." Her mother pulled her out of the bed and guided her to the closet. The lady who worked at the foster care gave them some clothes for Mia.

Her mother pulled out a light pink dress with a little, white bow on the collar. She also pulled out some white leggings and light pink shoes with a tiny, white bow on each of them. Then she found a plastic, white flower to put on her head.

"Would you like to wear this, Mia?"

"Yes, ma'am." Mia's eyes shinned at the cuteness of the outfit.

Her mother brushed her hair and helped her get dressed. After a few minutes, she was ready.

"Aww, you look so cute, Mia!" Her father happily exclaimed.

"Thank you." Mia said softly.

After a couple hours, the doorbell rang. The father opened the door and behind it appeared two couples and five children.

"Hello, Robert." One of the ladies greeted, appearing to be the father's sister.

"Hi, Charlene. Nice to see you again." The two siblings hugged. It seemed that her and her husband has two children.

Mia hid behind her mother, terrified of the new people. The lady, or Aunt Charlene, greeted the little girl,

"Hello, you're Mia? You're so cute!" She excitedly extended her arms, "Come give your Aunt Charlene a hug!"

Mia hesitated, then she decided to hug her aunt. She hugged her gently, and her aunt hugged her back. Then she looked into Mia's adorable face,

"Wanna meet my children?"

Mia hesitated again, and then nodded her head slowly. Aunt Charlene smiled and,

"Come here, Kaitlynn and Brendan!" She called over her kids.

A little girl that was probably two inches shorter than Mia, walked up to her mother slowly. She had long, light purple hair and topaz eyes. She kept a straight face on and only waved.

Following behind her was a taller boy with long, dark purple hair and topaz eyes like the other girl. He hugged his little sister from behind. They seemed close.

"This is Kaitlynn and Brendan. Kaitlynn is ten years old, and Brendan is thirteen years old. Go ahead, say hi."

"Hi..." the girl said low. She had a soft voice that sounded like a cat's meow.

"Hello." The boy said a little higher. He had a deep voice, but it was still a little high-pitched since he was young.

"Hi." Mia whispered.

Then two more adults hugged her parents. The woman seemed like she was her mother's sister.

"Now, Mia. You can meet our little children." Her husband stated.

His wife called their children, "Eli, Ellie, Luca, come meet your new cousin."

A little girl and boy walked over, they looked like twins. The girl had long, sky blue hair, and the boy had medium, torquiest hair. They both had bright, baby blue eyes.

In between them was a smaller boy with short, white hair and royal blue eyes. They all looked like they were part of the sky.

"Hi." The twins said in sync. Their voices sounded beautiful together. They sounded like angels that came down from heaven.

"Hello..." the little boy said softly. He blushed a little. Mia guessed he was shy like her.

"These two twins are Eli and Ellie." Their father introduced. "They're both nine years old."

"But I'm older by five minutes." The boy named Eli puffed out his chest proudly. Ellie puffed out her cheeks. They appeared to be close as well.

"And this is Luca, he is six years old."

The boy named Luca hugged his older brother. He seemed very shy. Maybe even worse then Mia. At least he had his older brother and sister by his side.


Mia waved at the three siblings. The two twins waved back. Luca just hugged his brother tighter.

"Well, there you go, Mia. You have met your five new cousins! Are you happy?" Her mother asked Mia. Mia nodded her head softly.

"Now, you six can go play outside. Us adults will sit on the porch and talk." Her father stated.

The children ran outside and Mia followed behind them cautiously. Once they got outside, the adults sat on lounge chairs on the porch. The children went on the front yard and started talking.

"Alright, you already know our names and ages, but you have to get to know us more than that." Eli stated.

"Yeah, and we need to get to know you better, too!" Ellie stated excitedly.

Mia just nodded her head silently. She was nervous. She has never made friends before, so she didn't know what to do.

"Okay, I guess we'll start with the questions." Kaitlynn looked at Mia, "What's your favorite animal, Mia?"

"Cats." Mia said softly.

"Oh! I love cats!" Ellie exclaimed, "What's your favorite kind of cat?"

"I like cats with white fur and blue eyes." Mia said a little higher.

"Oh? Then you must like Luca. He acts like a cat too!" Eli stated playfully.

Luca blushed and looked down at his hands. Mia blushed along with him. The twins giggled.

"So, now you ask us a question." Kaitlynn said.

"Um, where do you like to go for summer vacation?"

"Oh, that's an easy question!" Ellie exclaimed.

"We go to the beach down in Florida every summer." Brendan stated with a smirk on his face.

"Hey, I wanted to say that!" Ellie pouted. "Meanie..."

Brendan chuckled.

"That sounds like fun." Mia said, imagining the beach.

"It is fun!" Ellie and Eli exclaimed in sync.

"Mia, what is your most favorite thing in the world?" Luca asked shyly.

"Strawberries." Mia said embarrassed.

"Hehe, I like strawberries too." Luca blushed.

"Aww! Luca finally talked!" Eli teased.

"They're both blushing! They like each other~" Ellie teased along.

Brendan and Kaitlynn both chuckled.

Mia and Luca blushed deeply.

"N-No I don't!" They both said in sync.

All of them busted out laughing. Luca and Mia joined along with the laughing, too.

Mia never thought she would actually have fun with them. She completely forgot that she just met them. It felt like she has been friends with them forever.

After they all finished laughing, they continued chatting and asking silly questions. This was the first time Mia has ever smiled and had fun with friends. She didn't feel like herself anymore. She... changed.

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