My hidden love

18 year old Rebecca Black, the head cheerleader of the Willow High Wasps, falls in love with nerdy, artistic, Alex Dean, a pansexual who is struggling in high school with friends and family. Will they find true happiness together, or will it all be for nothing? Read to find out.


2. Words Passed

I meet my best friend Ashley at the mall so we can get some jewelry to go with our dresses. As per our custom, the first thing we did was go to the Starbucks and order two large frappes, swap them. She got me carmel, and I got her chocolate. As we walk,I tell her about Alex, and she squeals. "Is he cute. I sigh and roll my eyes, while she babbles on about what she thinks he looks like.


"Oh, no no no.Don't let me go go go. I would hold you close, to my heart. Cause baby I knew from the start, that we're just meant be. So. You and me, you and me, you and me. We can make it. Even if we got to fake it. Cause you are perfect to me." "Alex," My mom calls. "Yes?" I call back, putting my guitar to the side."Can you come here real quick?" I stand up and and go downstairs. "Yes mom?" She and my dad are sitting in the uncomfortable living room. I quickly grow anxious with worry. What if something went wrong with the surgery? What if i would be stuck like.....this.....forever? I guess my dad some some of the worry on my face because he quickly reassured me nothing was wrong. They look at eachother and smile."We're having a baby." My mom pronounces, beaming. I stare at them like they were crazy. "Wow, okay." I say and put on a smile, when on the inside i'm worried.

Will this affect me?


Hey guys,what's up, it's ShadowGirl13. My amazing partner, Nat's storys7288 gave a great overveiw in the first chapter, now it's time for the real deal. So welcome to My Hidden Love! (P.S. The lyrics I literally just made up out of my head, so don't be mad at me if they suck. :)


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