My hidden love

18 year old Rebecca Black, the head cheerleader of the Willow High Wasps, falls in love with nerdy, artistic, Alex Dean, a pansexual who is struggling in high school with friends and family. Will they find true happiness together, or will it all be for nothing? Read to find out.


1. Home coming

          Rebecca's POV



Tonight is Homecoming night, and everyone was super hype, and so was I. I had cheer practice after school to go over our routine for the big game vs. the school's arch rivals, the Bobcats.  There were posters up everywhere that read Bobcats vs. Timberwolves on every wall. Since I was the cheer captain, I had to come up with something special for the game. But first, art.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I walk into Mr. Jones art room and take my usual seat in the back of the row, taking out my mirror to look at my reflection and make sure the spirit colors on my face didn't smudge. It took me forever to do, and I really don't feel like doing it again.I heard someone scream and look behind me. A girl who always bothered me was standing there with paint on her clothes and hair. It takes everything in my power to not bust out laughing, and turn around because I can't look at her for long. Mr.Jones walks into the room then, takes one look, and start's cracking up, which killed me. I sounded like a dying hyena, and my sides hurt. The girl stormed out of the room, and he stops laughing a few seconds later. "That was so uncalled for," he say's, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes. The rest of the class files in then and sit at there desks. " Right then,we have a project to do. Kirsten is with Sanders, Lenny with Sarah, Rebecca with Alex..." I twist in my seat, trying to figure out who Alex was, drowning out Mr.Jones with my thought's. A shy looking guy waves to me from the back and I smile, to show him I acknowledged him. There was a commotion around the room just then. Everyone was changing spots, or asking if they could change partners. Alex came up and smiled. "Hi. I'm Alex."

Alex's POV

I got paired up today with Rebecca Sanders the head cheerleader i was so happy when i got paired up with her she's the prettiest girl in school. If she knew I liked her she'd probably run away, and I don't want that to happen.  I told her I'd do all the drawing because im good at it and she could do the  description. But if she finds out my secret it could ruin all of the  chances of her liking me. I'm nervous that she will treat me bad but I'm will to do what is need from that secret getting out. The doctor  said the surgery wouldn't be long and I'd be fine .


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