Opposite attraction

Who will get the girl??? Zayn or louis????


5. 5

I am now at home with louis. We are just talking when a question pops up.

'So whats going to happen with us?' He asks

'I dont know,'i reply

'Would you like time to think about it?'

'No i know my answer. I want you. '

He smiles. I can see he's happy. He picks me up and swings me around. We laugh. We are Both so happy. Louis pulls out his phone and starts texting.

My phone bleeps. I see louis posted selfies of me and him and there were headings like 'official couple' and so on Facebook . I am double happy now. Louis says he will see me soon and leaves.

I see he forgets his jacket. I start walking to his house. I knock on the door and no one answers, i go in.

I walk past Zayns room and hear-

'Listen i got her and you are not taking her away from me!' Louis shouts

'We will see about that,' zayn says

If zayn thinks he can play with me, he is WRONG. I leave the jacket on a chair and walk out into the cold cold weather. Thats the last thing i remember......

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