Opposite attraction

Who will get the girl??? Zayn or louis????


4. 4

'Sorry to bother you guys,' harry says

They were leaving and i was soo glad when i decided to be a tease.

'Dont worry. You dont have to leave, you can be busy with your stuff and we will be busy with ours,' i say

Louis looks confused but sees zayns face and figuresout why i did that. Harry and them sit down to watch tv. We get back to kissing and Zayn looks sad. Too bad

Finally me and louis stop kissing and decide to just chilax and talk a bit so we are talking and talking when i realise how late it is. I say good bye and start leaving. Once i get home, my sister asks me 1001 question about louis and i. She says she heard from a blog. Great.....i better not start getting hate

Okay so i got hate...thousands. Looks like i am starting cutting again. Last time i cut was my first love. So now i am cutting for every single piece of hate. I guess i cut a bit too much and start feeling dizzy. I put bandages on and go lay on my bed and pass out.

I wake up in the hospital with all my family around me. They start talking and ask me'do u know why you fainted?'

I make up some lie and they go out. Then louis comes in and he says two words that make me cry' i know'

Louis says,'you didnt have cut love. You could have just come to me.'

He told that he defended me and that everythings going to be okay. He then had to quickly leave cause Simon wanted him.

Zayn came in and kissed me. I pushed him away. 'Leave me alone. I dont like you , i love louis' i say. Wait......... What????????

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