Opposite attraction

Who will get the girl??? Zayn or louis????


2. 2

The next morning i get ready for school. As i walk to school, i meet up with my bestie, jessica, and she starts blabbering about all the latest gossip.

'Ben and todd are gay'

'Charlotte hooked up with zack'

'Megan rejected chad'

'OMG one direction is coming to our school!

I tense up.

'Yea! Didnt you hear. Wait...you went to their concert, i forgot. 'She says.

You have got to be kidding me. As we walk into the school, we see all the girls checking if their looking ok and all that. What is wrong with these girls. Why do they worry how pretty they are, they should rather start worrying about being pretty kind, pretty smart and pretty nice.

We walk past one direction. I see Samantha,flirting with Zayn. You know how every school has a preppy, rich snob. Well thats Samantha. As i walk past her i mumble,'slut'

She hears'well at least i am not a cheat like you' she says

'Samantha,darling,'i spit' everyone knows thats old gossip about me and chad breaking up because i 'cheated' on him with Henry but actually henry kissed me, not the other way around cause im not a sicko'

She looks beat cause she knows im telling the truth so i just smile and started walking away when the Louis grabs my hand.

'Hey loser,' he smiles

'Hey jenna. You still didnt send that message,' he says

'Didnt have time but i will this afternoon if i remember,' i give him a thumbs up and start walking on. Harry glares at me. Ookkkaaayyy... I think i can add one enemy to my list so far it looks like this

Enemy list




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