Opposite attraction

Who will get the girl??? Zayn or louis????


1. 1

Jennas pov

Here i am, at a concert, bored as hell, with my 13 year old sister squealing and screaming because of a stupid boy band called One Direction.

I hate their faces. I hate their voices. I hate their songs. I hate their personality. But that Zayn guy is okay cause he's a bad boy and bad boys are my type

Im a rebel/ punk/ bad girl. I hurt boys. I have no weaknesses. Thats me.

So here i am, with earplugs in to keep my ears paining from their awful songs.

Its been an hour or so now and i am getting really bored when a light suddenly cones on me. My sister Emily pulls the earplugs out and shout,' Jenna!! Louis chose you to go on the stage!' Great! One of the one direction losers chose me of all people.

I walk on the stage to the Louis guy and see some other girls with the other boys. I glance at Zayn and he winks. Cool

Hi, my names-' louis says

'Louis, i know but i prefer Loser. I am jenna and i am not a fan so dont think i am a fan' i cut in

'Okkaaayyy'he says

They start singing songs and i try to look happy but its really hard but i eventually succeed.

After that boring concert, i leave Louis while the other girls are being fought off by security.

I quickly glance at louis and he mouths 'call me'.

What the heck. I think. I dont even have your number. I guess i looked confused cause he pats his pocket, i just shake my head, put my hands in my pocket and walk on but then i feel a piece of paper in my pocket. I pull it out and there is louis number.

I look back at Louis and grin at him.

I hope i am not going soft on him.......

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