Marrying the Wrong Person

When Elizabeth's life turns upside down because she's forced into a marriage. She was looking forward to marriage actually, just not to James.


2. Chapter 2

Me     I scream.  "Where's the key?! What happened?! I'm not your wife you creep!" "Relax." The man said, calmly.  I noticed he was shirtless, and he had ripped abs.  He grabbed a key and unlocked our handcuffs.  "You were drunk, i'm James." He extended his hand.  I glared at him.  "And I need to find Jonathan!" I screamed.  "You mean the guy you broke up with?" He asked. "What?! How drunk was I?!" "So drunk you confided in me." He said.  "Who are you?!" I scream.  "Oh, your parents introduced us.  What an awful way to meet." "What happened last night?" "Oh, you don't remember?" Suddenly, I remember as if I was back in the night.


     I walk into the restaurant, in my fancy dress.  Jonathan takes my arm and smiles.  "Hey Beth." "Hey Jon." I look up at him and smile.  "Are you ready?" "Yeah." He leads me into the restaurant.  It's very fancy, and he leads me to a chair.  "So, as you know we've been together...very long." He said, smiling.  "Yes, I know." "And we love each other very much." He said.  "Yes, stop flattering me.  We haven't even ordered yet!" I laugh. "Right." 

     "Okay, and so then Ally's at the wedding dresses like, time to get married!" I laugh.  "But she dates a new boy every other week!" Jonathan replied.  "Right?!" Jonathan glanced at his watch.  "Errr... Beth.  Can I ask you a question?" He asked.  "Sure." I smile.  This is the moment, this is the moment he does it! I have a big smile, and i'm trying to hide my happiness.  It's not working.  He gets up and gets on one knee.  I gasp.  "Beth, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry m-" He asked, getting cut off by a sudden person running in the restaurant.  "IS THERE AN ELIZABETH JONES?!" A small guy asked.  "That's me...?" I say, with an unsure hint in my voice.  "Come with me!" The man said.  "Jon, I gotta go-" I turn around, to see Jonathan making out with another girl.  "Oh my god." I freeze.  The man grabbed my arm.  "Wha-"

      The man brings me to a fancy hotel.  "Welcome Miss Jones." He said, smiling.  "Um, i'm confused?" I look around.  I walk in, only to see my parents smiling at me.  "Mom, dad..." I stare at them in shock.  I haven't seen them since I left for college.  Which was 7 years ago.  "Hi dear! We want you to meet our friend!" My mom said, smiling.  "Mum, stop trying to play matchmaker, i'm tak-" "No you're not dear, I know Jon cheated on you." She said.  "Wha-" "Word travels around fast sugar plum." She said, smiling.  A dirty blonde male with shaggy hair and hazel eyes who is about 6'0 walks up.  "She's not that hot." He said plainly to my parents.  I glared at him.  


     "Then how the hell are we married?!" I scream.  "Sugar plum, keep trying." I scowl at him.


     "What's your name?" I ask the man.  My parents have left us alone and forced us on a date.  He glared at me.  "Listen, if i'm gonna be forced to hang out with you I might as well try to get to know you." "Oh, dear you're so naive." He said.  "What?" I ask.  "Your parents want us to get married." he said.  "Wha--" "Yeah, my parents were stupid.  They asked for a loan from your parents and so your parents gave my parents the loan, and all of your parents' money has been washed out and they asked for money back from my parents but they refuse to pay back the loan." He said simply.  "So...?" "So, your parents want you to marry into our family so you can get some of the money and make them rich again." "But would your parents like that?!" I ask.  "No, they would hate it.  But they want me to find love and we have to convince them we're in love." "And why are you agreeing?" "Because our whole family gets arrested if we don't agree to this.  You guys have enough against us." "Oh... Liza." "What?" "My name, it's Liza." 


      "How the hell did I get drunk though? And start confiding in you." "Ah, questions after your full memory is restored.." He said, smiling. 




      "James." He said.  "Nice to meet you..." I say, slowly.  My eye slowly goes over to the bar in the corner.  "Thirsty?" he asked.  "A bit." I say, looking at the bar.  "Then come on." He says, grabbing my arm and running over.  "Here." He bought me some drinks, but I had no idea what he got me.  I chug down a few cups.  "Hold on, slow down." He laughs.  "Dude, getting cheated on isn't fun." I say, chugging down another drink.  "What happened?" "He almost proposed, then cheated on me." I say, chugging down another drink.



       "James, I can't remember anything else." "You sure?" "It's all in like, patches now.  How drunk was I?!" 


     "WOOOOOOOOOO, YEAH HE CAN SUCK MY---" "Liza... what are you doing." James said, laughing.  "GET MY PHONE, WE'RE CALLING JON!" "Ohmygod." 

JohnnyTest: tf


JohnnyTest: after u ditched me?

Me: u o mE 

JohnnyTest: r u drunk? 

Me: NOoOoOoOooooOOoOooOOOO nOw CoMe TO THE hOTeL

JohnnyTest: Fine


      I kiss James and Jon walks in.  "What the hell?!" He screams.  "JOOOOOONYYYYYYYYYYYYY, meet my husband." I say, blankly.  "Wha-oh hello." James  smirks.  "Oh my god, Beth what the hell?" 

      "Jaaaaames, it hurts." I complain.  "I know, but..." James stared at me.  "Whatever." I pout.  "You're adorable." He laughs.

       Me and James kiss passionately.  We kiss nonstop to the elevator, and to the room.  He keeps me on the door while his hands stumble in his pockets for his room key.  He reached for the door, still not breaking our kiss.  The door opened and I fell back, and he fell on top of me.  


      "Did we...?" "Yes." "Oh, did we use protection?" I ask.  "Yes." He said.  "Well, that was an interesting night..." I say rubbing my head, which was now throbbing with pain.  "Well I hate the first night you met me was the night I got you drunk.  Not exactly a good first impression." He said, blushing.  I remember all the good things about James that I noticed last night.  "You' amazing guy.  And I totally think we should.." "Get married?!" He said, excitedly.  "Take it slow." "Agreed." He smiled and nodded at me.



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