Marrying the Wrong Person

When Elizabeth's life turns upside down because she's forced into a marriage. She was looking forward to marriage actually, just not to James.


1. Chapter 1

     I hug Jonathan.  "I love you so much!" I hug him tightly.  "I love you too Beth." He kissed me on the cheek.  Jonathan and I are the cutest couple ever.  He is so going to propose to me tonight, I know it.  "Beth, I gotta go." He said, checking his watch.  "Yeah, me too." I say, waving.  He gets off of my couch and leaves the apartment.  

      I call my best friend.  "Ally, we need to go shopping!" I screamed.  "No, duh!" she squealed.  "Meet me at The Store." I say, the ending in a low voice.  "No! That's for emergencies!" She said, dramatically.  "I've been saving my money up for years... we can go." "I thought it was fashion urban legend.." Ally said.  "It's not." I said in a firm voice.  "Okay, if you're sure.  You realize we have to dress fancy just to get in right?" She asked.  "Yeah, so do your hair." I say, getting off my couch.

      I grab my prettiest shirt and I put on denim shorts.  I take my hair out of it's ponytail, and I admire my long dark brown hair.  I put on red lipstick, on my full lips.  I twirl around in the mirror.  "Let's go." I grab my purse.

     I go to The Store and they almost turn me away.  "Excuse me?" I ask the snooty lady at the door.  "You're not fashionable enough." She said, snootily.  I pulled up my shorts and my shirt down.  She nodded, meaning I could enter.  I looked around The Store.  The cheapest item was about $1,000, and it was a baseball hat.  Everything in The Store is expensive and glamorous.  I could never afford it, because I have important things to do like grad school and pay for my apartment rent.  I only have a few days of grad school, then I graduate.  So I can use my savings for a dress, so I can look glamorous for when Jonathan proposes.  Ally runs in, with an outfit far more fabulous and revealing than mine.  She's wearing high wasted denim shorts, and a shirt that is lopsided.  "Sorry- they turned me away at the door!" She panted.  "It's fine, these dresses are fabulous." I look around. "So, what's the actual name?" Ally asked.  "Oh, the actual name of The Store is--" I'm cut off when a snooty salesperson walks up to me.  "Are you planning to buy anything, or are you too poor to?" She asked snootily.  "Excuse me, I have a lot of money so let me shop." I shot.  She inhaled.  "Sorry, i'm being a bit mean.  My boyfriend just broke up with me, so what are you shopping for?" She asked.  "Oh, i'm so sorry! I'm shopping for an engagement dress.  My boyfriend's going to propose to me tonight!" I squealed.  "I see, well we have perfect dresses for that over here." She led me to a section.  She helped me pick out dresses, while Ally was exploring the wedding dresses.  "So, why'd he break up with you?" I ask, curious.  "Oh, he met some other girl.  Said they were gonna get married." She made a face.  "Aww, that's a shame." "Yeah." She sighed.  "What's your name?" I ask.  "Oh, it's Victoria.  You?" "Liza." I reply.  "Pretty name, right here." She said.  She pointed at the prettiest red dress, it was short.  It had a belt made of diamonds.  

     "Take all of my money!" I screamed to the cashier.  "Okay, the dress is $10,000." My mouth dropped.  "$10,000?!" I scream.  "You said take all of my money." She said, snootily.  I grab my wallet out.  I take out 2 credit cards.  "Here." I glare.  I'm gonna need the best raise in the world to get this money back.  The Store is only meant for rich people, and i'm not rich.  I leave The Store with an empty wallet.  "Okay, they have adorable wedding dresses!" Ally squealed.  "I have to get like a $5 wedding dress!" I screamed.  "Why don't you just borrow money from your parents?" "Don't you understand, I left the house yelling I could go to grad school, and I didn't want to be a model like my mum and they got mad." "Right." "And if I ask for money now, i'm dead." I sigh.  "It'll be all worth it, Jonathan will propose to me tonight." I give her a sweet smile.


     I wake up, in my dress.  My hair is a mess, i'm in a bed and there's a pounding in my head.  I turn over on the bed, only to see somebody who isn't Jonathan, and i'm handcuffed to him.  "What the hell happened?!" I scream.  The man turned over.  "Well hello, wife."

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