21. Wish Granted

Gabriel had to come to bunker, he had to notify those idiots that he had swept up their mess, but Winchesters were already in a deep discussion, Dean had asked Castiel to go and protect Ruhaani's parents until the matter is cooled. Gabriel flapped his wings and appeared in front of Sam and Dean. "Don't scare us you jackass!" said Dean. "Who twisted your panties?" asked Gabe. Same made a bitch face and asked "Why are you here?" "I am here to tell you about the mess that you made, it's been taken care" said Gabe. "What mess?"asked Sam in surprise. "Aww, don't act all surprised, even though you wanted Ruhaani to have a another life not as a hunter, filing a missing persons report about her just cranked up the matter didn't it"

"So you know that we screwed the pooch?" asked Dean rhetorically. "Yeah genius, and guess what I cleaned your mess" replied Gabe, "Oh really, why would you help us?" asked Sam. "I didn't want to help you, but Ruhaani is still my baby sister and I can't see her in distress" "What did you do you pompous archangel?" asked Dean monotonously. "Helllllllooooo Trickster!! And you are welcome now go and get Ruhaani, she in a Hindu Temple nearby" said Trickster and vanished.

"Come on, let's go get her" said Sam, Dean and Sam took baby(Impala) and made their way to the nearest Hindu Temple. Ruhaani was climbing down from the temple with some Indian family when she saw the boys, she sighed, Dean and Sam climbed out of Impala, and saw Ruhaani coming downstairs, she saw them and bid adieu to the nice Mishra family and walked towards the Winchesters.

"Hey!"said Sam looking down on short Ruhaani, "Hi" replied Ruhaani, "Wait are you a Hindu?" asked Dean. "Yes, I was raised as a Hindu" answered Ruhaani. Dean looked confused and in confusion he looked towards Sam giving him a silent shrug. "So you are vegetarian too?" asked Dean. "Yes I am, why is that a problem?" asked Ruhaani, "What were you doing in temple?"asked Sam. "Well I was irritated and I needed to be somewhere, while I was roaming around, I found one, so I went inside" answered Ruhaani.

"Let's come back to the major point I am having trouble digesting, you are a vegetarian, I mean how and why?" asked Dean. "I was raised a vegetarian, and then I decided to follow it, I don't want to eat an innocent animal, but hey kudos to you, you get more meat!" replied Ruhaani sassily.

"Listen, we are sorry for the mess we made! But you need not worry, we had some one to clean it up, and now everything is fine, you need not worry about your parents, they are safe." said Sam.

"Are you sure? I am mean really sure? Is everything going to be fine?" asked Ruhaani with concern. "I promise everything is gonna be fine" said Dean with genuineness. "Thanks bitches!".

And old Ruhaani was back in town for business. 

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