11. Winning against Winchesters

Day 5

Ruhaani was feeling weak, dizzy and sick. She did not think she could keep this up for long. She started to have dizzy spells, she got out of the bed to get some water, she almost reached the hallway when she lost he control over her body,  she slumped on the floor.

Dean saw Ruhaani walk down the hallway, something seemed odd, she was pale, she was walking differently, she looked like she was drunk, her movements were not in line, and then she fell.

"Ruhaani!! Wake up, Sam,Sam come down. Something is not right with Ruhaani" Dean shouted, looking at her, Sam was in room heard Dean screaming and rushed towards the hallway.

"Sammy what is happening, why is she not waking up, bring some water"

"Ruhaani wake up, please Roo Roo" said Sammy throwing water on her face. Ruhaani flinched a little bit. She squirmed a little bit. Sammy made her drink some glucose to get her up. She drank most of it, after waking up she tried to walk right back to her room. But she felt as if stones were tied to her feet.She heard a voice, "You should eat something" said Dean "Roo stop being so stubborn" Sam said worryingly. With all her strength she yelled back "No, not until to let me hunt" 

"You should eat something, you need strength for your training" Dean said defeatedly. A smile came on Ruhaani's face, she ran towards Dean to hug him, but she fell, Sam and Dean rushed towards her. They made her sit on the table, Dean got food, Sam got water for her, Dean started feeding her some food, little bites, Sam made her drink water, to help her regain her strength.

After feeding her, she watched netflix with the boys and dozed off. Sam carried Ruhaani to her room, Dean covered her with blanket. She looked peaceful, she looked like she was glowing. Dean and Sam headed back downstairs.

"She is quite a fighter" said Sam. "She does not let anyone order her around " said Dean. "She gave us quite a scare, she almost killed herself when she realised she was not going to get what she wanted" laughed Sam. "Yeah she is tough" said Dean. 

Ruhaani woke up feeling like a winner, Winchesters will train her to be a hunter. She took a long soapy bath, and then joined boys for breakfast, she was chirpy for a weak person. "Good Morning bitches!" said Ruhaani. "Good Morning , ain't you a little Miss Sunshine for almost being dead " said Dean. "Good Morning Roo Roo, how are you feeling ?"asked Sam.

"I feel like a winner" rejoiced Ruhaani. Sam and Dean chuckled. "I am going to be a hunter! I am going to be a hunter!" chanted Ruhaani. Ruhaani hugged Sam from behind and kissed him on the cheek, she then ran towards Dean hugging him and saying thanks.  Both boys hugged her back. "We will start your training as soon as you regain your strength".

She left them to deal with their stuff, as soon as she left, "So Dean, what are we going to do, you clearly said that we would train her" "I don't know Sam, but I had to do something, she was not eating, she went on full on food strike, she looked like pale ghost yesterday, today atleast she has some colour in her cheeks" "I know, I was scared when I saw her on the floor, but you freaked out and babbled about training her to be a hunter" "Dude.. seriously.. you are using babble" air-quoting.

"Well she won't quit and she is stubborn as hell, we might as well train her, just the basic stuff like self defence, iron and salt kind" said Sam.

"Yeah and you are the lucky teacher" Dean replied.

"Then its decided she will become a hunter, like us."


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