9. Welcome Home

Sam and Dean reached bunker with Roo and her luggage, they gave her a room down the hall near library. It took her a while to settle in, the rooms were military styled, single bed, table,chair and a closet. Bathroom was common, Roo set her Panda on the bed and started decorating her new room, she did not want to feel like a guest or an outsider, she had chosen this.


Hearing commotion coming from Roo's room Dean and Sam ran towards room, only to find Roo wrapped up in her twinkling lights on the floor, they started laughing, they helped her up, and untangled her and decorated the room for her while she ordered them around what to do what not to do.

She wanted to settle down in her new house, with John's kids. Roo put up pictures of her Mom Dad on the table. This was the last of the stuff, her room was ready in mere three days. She settled in fine with boys.


Sam was serious type and Dean was fun-loving. And Roo got along with them just fine, they started to like her, she helped around a lot, she helped with research while boys went out hunting. She came to knew that Dean loved pies and could kill for it, whereas Sam was freakishly health conscious, she got to know this much in within two weeks of living with them.


One day when Sam and Dean were out a man came into the bunker Roo got scared and called the brothers, they promised to reach as soon as possible, the man was wearing a trench coat, Sam and Dean came in with guns, they realised that it was Castiel. They introduced Roo and Castiel, Roo in a fit of laughter accidentally hugged Castiel, and he hugged back. All of them went out for a drink together, Sam and Dean grabbed a table at the bar, Roo snuggled with Sam and Dean was sitting with Castiel. They drank, they laughed, they looked happy for any one who looked from a distance. Deep down they all had pressed down their sorrows.


One day Dean and Sam went on a hunt, the hunt did not go great and they came back in terrible shape, Roo got scared, scared of what could have happened, what if they die, and all sorts of things, she helped Winchester's patch themselves, she put them to bed. She felt her gut twist when she saw them injured, this feeling was not good.


Next Morning ...

Roo got breakfast for everybody.

She saw Sam come down the kitchen, she ran and hugged him tight. Sam almost winced in pain.

Roo: Do you know how scared I was last night.

Sam: Sorry Roo Roo, we didn't mean to scare you.

Roo: I know, but you have to be careful. I don't want anyone to hurt you both. 

Just then Dean arrived.

Roo ran towards him and hugged him after slamming into him.


Roo: Are you okay?

Dean: What happened to cry baby Sam, did you try something on her? 

Roo hit him in his chest.

Roo: Do you know I was scared to see you guys, you looked like someone straight from horror movie.

Dean: Yeah cry baby, we saw your big tears dropping while you were sewing us up.

Sam: I was worried that you would faint from the pain

Making fun of Roo, while Roo glared towards both brothers.


Roo made Dean eat healthy food, by bribing him for pie. He ate the healthy food, only to find no pie, he gave Roo death glare, Sam and Roo laughed their ass off.

Roo asked the boys to train her to hunt, so that you can help them.    

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