2. We meet again

Dean's Point of View


After the hunt in the forests of Minnesota with a little help from that girl Ruhaani, we went out for few more hunts and then it was all quiet on the supernatural radar. I was sitting in the bunker's library when suddenly Sam came down with dad's old phone apparently someone left him a message, probably the person did not knew that he died almost nine years back. Sam played the message, it was from some girl."Hey Uncle John! This is Ruhaani, it's been almost years since we last talked,I was in States because of a my cousin's marriage, I am in Sioux Falls, I came to see Uncle Bobby but the Sheriff told me that he is dead, no one told me. I will stay in this town for a week and then leave if you get this message on time call me back asap. And yes I am safe no need to worry.Hope to see you soon."


"Wait what? Why did she call dad? Why was she looking for Bobby? And isn't that the same panic laced girl me found on the road ?". Sam gave the confused look. "When did the voicemail came?" I asked Sam. "About four days ago", he replied.


Why did she emphasised on her being safe? You thought. "We might as well check it out, why did she wanted to talk to Dad or Bobby", you blabbed not knowing what to think of that message.


After hours of long driving you reached Sioux Falls, you met up with Jody and girls. Jody told you about a girl asking for Bobby Singer. Jody said she tested her with salt, holy water, silver to find if she was any Supernatural creature. That bit was a bit helpful, knowing she is an old acquaintance of both John and Bobby and not a creature out for revenge.


We stayed with Jody as girls were out for some field trip. Finding her was easy, she lived in the motel nearby. I texted her from dad's phone and sat up a meeting in the local diner.


In Diner

Ruhaani's P.O.V.

I was ecstatic as I received a text from John, saying he would meet me up in the local diner. As I walked in my eyes started searching for John, its been ten years since he saw me. I did not find John. But my eyes recognised two familiar faces. The brothers, what are they doing here? Why was John not there in that diner. A pit started to form in my stomach, I was about to leave when I heard my name being called.

I stopped and turned around, I did not wanted to act in anyway that would get me any attention. I looked up to them and went to their table. "Hey! What are you guys doing here? Is any Supernatural thing is going on?", they laughed at my scared face. Sam nodded and Dean just smiled gesturing me to sit, and I did. "So we meet again, what brought you to this town?"

Dean curtly replied,"you did!",I was shocked. They started explaining

Dean: See I am Dean Winchester and he is Sam Winchester and John is our dad. And Bobby was like our dad. And they have not been alive for a very long time.

You gasped realising John and Bobby were dead.

Ruhaani: Where is Rufus? or Garth for that matter? Are they dead too?

Sam: You knew Rufus and Garth? Why did we not know anything about you?

Ruhaani: Yeah. I met them when they came to visit India.Actually I know all of them through John and Bobby.

Sam: So what did you wanted to talk about with dad?

Ruhaani: I just came to say hey!(you replied trying not to sound panicked)

Dean and Sam saw right through you.

Dean: Come on tell us why?

You pulled out some envelopes and handed it to them.

There were a few envelopes marked with Ruhaani, Dean, Sam, Bobby.




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