34. Troubled Trio

"Damn it Cas, you gotta warn us before you zap us, I get wobbly knees" screamed Dean. 

"What was so important Cas that you needed privacy from your own sister?" asked Sam.

"Bobby is alive" said Cas

"We know that, he is upstairs, settling in.."

"So you know, that he is not able to find out who brought him back"

"We know Cas, but what's wrong?" asked Sam.

"I went to heaven to check out who brought Bobby back, but no one from garrison brought him back, I think it was Ruhaani" replied Cas

"So you are telling us that she zapped Bobby here, back on earth, with his own body, but she has not even angeled out fully" said Sam with concern and protectiveness.

"She is the most powerful angel in creation who is hunting with Winchesters and to top it all she could snap her fingers and make anything supernatural explode, like the vampire and in my entire millennia on heaven and on earth I have never seen something like this, not even Lucifer can pull it off, and he was the most powerful archangel ever known"

"So how is that a bad thing?" asked Dean.

"You know that archangels have wrath in them more than an average angel, but she is more powerful than any archangel in creation, imagine the wrath in her."

"But God or Chuck he made her to live peacefully with humanity" said Sam

"Humanity being the keyword" said Dean.

"Yes, she is still human." proclaimed Sam.

"She is still human, but we don't know for how long" said Castiel.

Silence fell around them, Sam saw that she was struggling with herself, trying to remain human, Dean knew it was a matter of time till she gets juiced up on angel, Cas knew that her power was way too much for either heaven or hell to handle.


Ruhaani came downstairs rubbing her eyes and saw Sam, Cas and Dean drinking beer together, they looked serious, she heard some footsteps behind her she yanked the gun out of her back and pointed towards an old man. Dean, Sam and Cas became heard the gun clicking noise, they rushed towards Ruhaani, only to see Ruhaani pointing the gun on Bobby's head and asking him who was he, she knew that he was someone familiar but who...

"Ruhaani, easy there tiger, that is Bobby, he is our uncle" said Dean.

"Bobby Singer" She recognised him now, he looked much older than she remembered.

"Bobby, I am Ruhaani, Ruhaani Mishra, you remember you saved me from getting kidnapped?" she asked hoping that he would remember her.

Bobby trying to remember who she was, then it hit him, he remembered, long way back in India, he was chasing on a lead for an angel who could stop all supernatural anomalies, but they met Ruhaani, who was a 8 year old kid, getting kidnapped by a demon, so John had taken of it.

"Roo, you are all grown up" he gasped thinking about the 8 year old girl he rescued. She had become a beautiful woman now. He hugged her, she hugged him back. 

She gave a tour of the place to the old man, she chirped about him being there, she even cooked him his favorite Indian cuisine, she was happy that he was here with them. She saw Sam, Dean and Bobby together, she saw much Bobby meant to both of them. All of them sharing a drink, toasting to new lives and little did they know something was coming, something big.  

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