6. Stay with us

Dean was asleep, drooling, he looked peaceful. Sam was dodging sleep somehow, Ruhaani was up and analyzing the atmosphere of awkwardness. She greeted Sam with a smile, reassuring him in a way that she is fine. She went to take a hot shower.


Ruhaani's P.O.V.

All I needed was a hot shower and I would be as good as new. Oh crap! I left my clothes in the room, I wrapped the towel around me and got out of the bathroom hoping that boys would be gone by now. 


As it turns out, I was wrong, Dean was awake and he was discussing something with Sam, Sam looked up and saw me and stopped speaking making Dean turn his head around, I became conscious and self-aware. Both were gawking, I cleared my throat to get their attention and signed them to go out of the room, they realised and complied.

I pulled up a blue deep neck t-shirt and jeans and decided to wear it, I opened the door and invited them in, I thanked them for protecting me twice, whether I know them or not, they saved me twice from things that should not exist, the things which exist in horror and fantasy books


Sam's P.O.V.

I saw Ruhaani sleep peacefully and content, like nothing happened, she stirred few times but other than that, it was fine. She looked like an angel, just looked, there was nothing supernatural about her, it might be possible that Dad may have made a mistake all these years ago, may be that's why no one told us about her, not Bobby,not Rufus. She woke up and I greeted her morning pleasantries, she replied with a huge smile, like wanting to assure me that she was going to be fine. She excused herself to bathroom, I heard the water hitting the floor and Dean woke up with a bang, he asked about Ruhaani, I pointed towards bathroom. He looked back with a questioning look. Last night we read each other's letter from Dad, and Dean wanted to carry out Dad's wishes, but I was conflicted, even if she was an angel and she didn't knew it, she is normal, she has a normal away from all this, but if even a spec of threat on her then we have to protect her.

While she was in bathroom Dean and I looked through her stuff just to reassure ourselves. We found a hotel key of some hotel in Boston, her wallet, her picture, her parent's picture, Bobby's address, Dad's number and a picture of mine and Dean along with Dad and Bobby, on the back of the photograph was keep it safe.

My eyes swelled up, Dad didn't use to show his emotions, but he liked this girl, and she loved him, her phone was not even password protected, she is very trusting, even kids have locks on their phones, she did not, I browsed through her phone, there were some of her pics with friends, some memes and some videos. Nothing that would make us think that she has an ulterior motive, she seemed pretty clean.


Dean cross checked all her stuff, we heard the noise of water, die we rearranged her stuff as it was, Dean started talking to me about how to get her to go with us, She came out of bathroom all wet, wrapped in a chunky towel, I signed Dean towards her, Dean turned and stopped, her black curls were wet and sticking to her neck, her skin was glistening, she cleared her throat, I shook out of the trance, I realised both Dean and I were staring for way too long, she might think that we are creepy guys who would attack her.

We got out of the room, she wanted to change, she opened the door in a while.    

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