14. So it happened

Sam and Dean trained Ruhaani almost everyday, she was now ready to fight vamps,werewolves, ghouls, wraiths, demons, siren, ghosts, poltergeist, wendigo anything that boys ever fought against. They were amused how easily she had learned everything that they taught her. Sam found a case online, he and Dean were packed and on their way when Ruhaani asked if she could partner up with them, Dean was reluctant at first but Sam convinced him to let her tag along.

Since Ruhaani didn't have anything formal they decided to go shopping, after approval of an appropriate formal suit and skirt, boys made her fake FBI badge. "Remind me after the case to get you a new set of fake badges" said Sam. Ruhaani nodded. 

The case was about poltergeist, that started hurting those who occupied the long abandoned house. The house had been in market for about years, a family had moved in, and after that the horror show started, it made papers so Sam thought to check it out.

They all went in as FBI agents, the son of the family had marks on his chest, they went back to the motel, Ruhaani was sharing the room with Winchesters. She decided to sleep on the couch as she was the only one who could fit in it. Sam started researching about the history, Dean went out to get food, after all that, it was just a salt and burn and Ruhaani did it this time.

She was happy, her first hunt, she wanted to go out and celebrate. So they all changed and went out for drinks in the nearest bar, Ruhaani had dressed up a little, applied a make up little bit. 

In Bar----

Sam and Dean went to catch the booth and Ruhaani went to get beer, she was looking gorgeous and she knew it. She asked the bartender for three beers, and he winked at her and handed it. She was walking towards the booth, when a handsome guy crossed paths with her and she almost fell, "I am sorry", "No no I am sorry" said Ruhaani, Dean and Sam were watching closely, as she walked away from that handsome hunk with blue eyes, square jaw and blond hair. She sat with Sam and started drinking her first round."Go easy Tiger!" "Oh c'mon we are at bar quit being grumpy, let's get you laid bitches!" Sam and Dean chuckled, Dean called waitress, when the waitress came to their booth, she was flirting with Sam, Dean got glances from a girl next booth and he winked at her, Sam also flirted back with waitress, Ruhaani ordered rum and coke for all of them, when the order came, waitress put three rum and coke plus one glass of scotch, "For you from the blondie over there"handing a note and pointing towards the other end of the bar, Ruhaani raised the glass and mouthed thank you, he gestured towards note. 

Are you single? If yes how about a date? If no how about a date right now? 

"Some guy bothering you?"Dean asked. "No..Some hot guy asked me out, ok bitches I am out, don't wait up!" replied Ruhaani.

Sam thought it was weird and Dean was angry upset like a little boy. "How could she do this? She made us come for a hook up!" Dean said in tempered tone.

"Yeah, but in her defence she did tell us that she brought us here to get laid, why are you so upset it's not like you or I haven't done this thing before" Sam said eyeing the waitress.

"Oh that makes it better somehow? Aren't you worried Sam that the guy can be dangerous or something" barked Dean.

"Hey man! I understand your concerned towards her well being, even I am worried a little but come on she deserves some fun, and besides she knows self defence if things go south!" consoled Sam.

"Yeah you are right" Dean finished his beer and chased the booth girl outside, and Sam well he hooked up with the waitress chick in Impala. All in all it was a night to remember!

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