4. Sam's Realisation

Sam's P.O.V.


As I saw the name on that envelope something twisted in my gut. I cut open the envelope and started reading 



I know I have always been hard on you, for you trying to get out of hunter's life and having a normal life. I am sorry that I was not an upbeat classic dad that you needed , I got so dragged into taking revenge that I had two sons who needed me the most. I always wanted you to have a happy life not necessarily normal though, but still I wanted you to be as close so that I could protect you from what is about to come in the future. Yellow eyed demon has plans for kids like you Sam, he wants you to open the gates of hell and let the lucifer- the devil himself. If you are reading this, I am dead already and the one who can save you from all of that is with you. Ruhaani is an incarnation of strongest angel in creation and hidden from both heaven and hell. She does not know what she is and till she realises it, she is a normal girl who needs protection from all supernatural creatures. If anyone and I am talking any supernatural being came to knew about her existence they would draw every ounce of life and gain all the power she possess. She is there with you, keep her safe Sam. 

I don't want you tell her anything, she is safe until she does not know who she is and when the time comes she will help you.But you got to take care of your brother, he believes it's his job to take all the weight on his shoulders. I made him grow up too soon, leaving him to be a substitute father to you.

Whether she is special or not, she is like a daughter to me, when I was searching for that mysterious angel in India with Bobby, she exorcised demon who were after me without even knowing. She has lived a normal life but that is going to change, I want you to keep her safe, keep her alive. 

I always loved you son, I am proud of you, trying to make it out of a hunter's life. You will always be my son, no matter how many times I asked you to leave. Sammy no one is going to hurt you or Dean anymore.



I stifled a cry, I wanted to tell that I loved him too and I will take care of Dean. When I looked up I saw Dean looking at me. I saw some long gone emotions in his eyes. And then I looked towards the proclaimed angel. Ruhaani looked angelic, her jet black hair with unruly curls, those brown eyes looking for good in the world and lips like dropping morning dew. Snap out of it, I thought to myself, I hadn't realised that I was staring her.


My meal had arrived, we ate in silence. The air around us was heavy with emotional charge. Ruhaani finished her food and we paid, she decided to leave but Dean stopped her from leaving.

"I am going back to India, I am sorry but I don't think any reason to stay is there. Goodbye Samuel and Dean." She started to leave only to stopped by two demons.



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