1. Where it all started

All I could remember was running...Running from what I just saw, a man tearing rather a creature tearing through an human being, sucking the life out of that poor girl. I ran as fast I could. And then I suddenly saw headlights I almost came under it. The brakes of the car screeched. Suddenly a very tall man came to my rescue, "Are you all right?", he asked. I don't know what came over me and I tried explaining what I had just saw, "There is someone there in the forest and a girl...he was.. he was biting that girl and and..that girl was almost dead" I replied. And then came the other man, slightly shorter than the guy who was beside me."I know you must think I am mad or delusional but I know what I saw", I spoke struggling for breath. "It's okay, we believe you, now can you just take us to the place you saw him?", the shorter man asked."Are you mad Dean? She is in not the state to take us anything.",the taller one replied before I got a chance to speak. The shorter one continued "But Sam we have to kill that vampire before he kills anymore people, or would you rather come back after he kills some more?" he said sarcastically. Vampire? Are these guys psychopaths? You thought to yourself. "Wait what did you just say? Vampire? Are you psychopaths or serial killers?",you blurted out. They both turned to you.The taller man with some softness in his eyes looks tried to calm you down,"I am Sam and this is my brother Dean,what is your name?"He asked. "I am Ruhaani "I said,"Hi Ruhaani and we are not psychopaths, we are hunters, we hunt supernatural beings. And the man you just saw was a vampire. You can either believe us or don't, but we are not psychopaths, I promise." You were shocked, stunned for a minute but you saw the reassuring looks from both of them. "Okay, I might not believe you but I can take you to that place, and I don't want that girl to die there",You said. I climbed into their car and tried to wrap your head around the fact what you just heard. You pointed those guys to the place where you saw the girl almost getting killed. That man was still there now preying on some one new. Those guys they decapitated that man or vampire or whatever that thing was and called 911 and got all the victims or rather the alive one to the paramedics. Whether those guys were serial killers or not, psychopaths or not ,they did really help all those people. I did not know what to say. Dean came near you and said,"So what were you doing there anyway?". "I got lost and started moving towards the voices I heard and then you know the rest". Sam came and looked content and then finally turned towards me,"So do you want us to drop you off somewhere?" . "Sioux Falls, South Dakota, if that is possible?" They dropped you off in the town of Sioux Falls, and were on there way. You made your way to the Singer Salvage Yard, you asked around only to get the information that he is dead. You were shattered, he was a great guy, kind of odd sod, but you liked him. You called only other person you could trust John Winchester only to get to his voice mail. You left the voice mail on his number, that you were in states and staying in Sioux Falls for a week and you will leave if he does not come within that week and lastly that you were safe.
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