28. Sammy Time

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Sam came back from run to find out Ruhaani not in his bed, he quickly showered and went to kitchen. Ruhaani was not there, but Dean was eating greasy bacon and coffee, Dean looked up and saw Sam, he smirkingly said "Sammy you dog, did you give your grace to angel of the lord?" 

Sam looked at Dean with confusion, but he understood what Dean wanted to say. "No dude, nothing happened we were watching some bollywood movies"

"Dude if you are not going to hit that then I am" replied Dean. 

"C'mon man, why do you have to make everything so creepy?"

"So I can do her?" asked Dean eyeing Sam's face

"Sure go ahead" replied Sam in irritated voice.

After an hour or so Ruhaani came to the library and started reading lores on kinds of supernatural beings, Sam was busy on his laptop and Dean was reading Busty Asian Beauties. "Dean, c'mon why do you have to read porn magazines in library, why can't to take it to your room." Ruhaani said annoyingly.

"Sweetheart I would rather take you to my room than some magazine." winked Dean, Sam flinched uncomfortably in his seat.

"Aww pretty boy thinks he can get into my pants with sweet talking." retorted Ruhaani. Sam chuckled on her remark. Dean made a bitch face admitting defeat. But after that whenever Sam was around he would touch Ruhaani, put his hand around her waist, nuzzle his head in her neck just to spite Sam.

Sam started to get bugged, but didn't say anything and didn't make a move on Ruhaani. But Ruhaani got the gist of what Dean was trying to do, so she played along she flirted back with Dean when Sam was around.

Sammy started to grow possessive of Ruhaani and pissed of at Dean. So Ruhaani and Dean stopped flirting all together. Soon Sam found a case of Vampire's Nest that was two states over from their place.

Dean, Sam and Ruhaani travelled all night and reached Minnesota, they parket into the crappy motel outside of town while Ruhaani was sleeping in the back, Dean got them a room with two beds, Sam woke Ruhaani and they all took their gear and went inside the room. Ruhaani showered and changed and then sent boys to take a shower. After that they all went to local diner for dinner, apparently it was not so much diner as it was a bar. Ruhaani grabbed a booth and brothers followed, they ordered the usual and some beer, there was not much crowd in the bar. Sam and Dean discussed the murders and possible locations of the nest, while Ruhaani ate quietly, a man had sent over a drink, Ruhaani looked up to see the man, while Sam was feeling uneasy about the whole situation. Ruhaani saw a familiar face, she recognised him, Neal, she met him during her stay in Boston, she smiled and waved him to come and join them.

Neal had dark hair, blue eyes and fine specimen of face, his eyes glittered as he walked towards Ruhaani's booth. Ruhaani introduced the man to Winchesters, Dean was pissed off at him as the waitress ignored Dean and gave attention to Neal, well Sam was jealous but he didn't show. Ruhaani told Sam and Dean how both of them met in hotel, Neal was from Homeland Security and this was his hometown, he came to visit his parents. Sam wanted to sleep so he decided to leave signalling Dean and Ruhaani, but Ruhaani told them to go ahead, and she will join them after some time. Sam's face dimmed. But both brothers went back. Neal and Ruhaani talked for a while, after that Neal dropped Ruhaani at the motel. She opened the locked door and went inside, she had woken Sam and Dean, she apologised and went into the bathroom and changed in sleepwear and laid down on Sam's bed, Sam adjusted himself to give Ruhaani some space, she put her back against his chest and took his arm and put it on her waist and snuggled into him. 

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