8. Reunion

Ruhaani reached motel a little late, she saw Sam and Dean, went to their table, they looked relieved, she sat, and waited for them to explain. "So why were you guys so worried? It's not as if we know each other from past life, what is the matter with you too?" "Ruhaani...we want "  "Stop calling me Ruhaani, you sound like my teachers, call me Roo" "Okay Roo Roo" Dean said. "We want you to come stay with us, because we think something supernatural is after you" "Dean...Sam.... that is you are delusional, nothing is after me" "Then tell us how did you find that vampire, that werewolf attack you almost dodged" Sam exclaimed. "Now werewolf are a thing too, man this is bad, what is this twilight and vampire diaries crapped together in real lives?" "You and me both" Dean said. "Sam those things are just coincidences, it can happen to anyone" "But it didn't, it happened to you, I know you don't trust us, I wouldn't either if I was in your place but you knew our Dad, you trusted him, why not give us a shot?" "Sam you are asking me to uproot my life for you, don't you think you are asking too much?" "I know we are asking you to give up a lot but Sammy and I want you to stay safe and considering your chance encounters with Edward and Jake were not too friendly" "Dean I am fine, thanks but no thanks, I will be fine"

With this Roo left the diner, Sam was tensed and Dean was pissed off, while walking through the alley, some shady guys started following her, she realised that these guys had black eyes, they were demons. "Who do we have here? Oh she is an angel, the one Azazel told us about, the saviour of humanity" "What are you talking about, leave me alone, I am nobody, stay away from me" But it was too late, they took out a silver coloured weapon, they were about to stab her when Sam and Dean came and saved her, they took a few hits, bad hits, they killed two of them and one of them left the body in black smoke after being exorcised, the body slumped.

Realisation settled in her, she was the cause of this, she was somehow in this puzzled story with Winchester brothers. "That is what happens when you run away from reality, think what might have happened to you if we would not have come to save your ass" Dean screamed. 

Tears threatened to fell from Roo's eyes, Sam consoled her, she was feeling weak, lost as if she lost a battle with reality. She needed protection, she needed shelter, but most of all she has to die in order to protect those things reaching to her family. In a moment she lost everything.


"I am sorry, I didn't think" she said as she looked up facing Winchesters. "Lets take you home, get you cleaned up", said Dean. "You have to kill me" said Roo. 

Both Winchester's turned towards Roo eyeing her with confusion and pity, "I mean not physically, but on papers, make my death look like an accident, I don't want anything to find my parents and friends"  

"Sam and I could arrange that!" said Dean.

"But first I need someone to grab my stuff from a hotel in Boston" After long journey they reached Boston, took the necessary stuff and Roo's Panda which she specifically asked them to pick up, after wiping the hotel clean, Sam and Dean headed back to Vegas, for the Roo's death charade.

They somehow planned and executed Roo's fake death. Roo looked up seeing the room she rented in smoke, whole room got burnt within minutes, Sam and Dean left essential proof of Roo's death, and whole matter was closed within two weeks, her parents were informed, they were devastated, death of their only child hit them hard.

But whatever was being done was for her safety and for the safety of those who loved her.

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