7. Push comes shove

Dean was checking out Ruhaani, his eyes could have burnt a hole. Ruhaani sensed his eyes on her and tensed up a little bit, she started packing her stuff in her backpack, planning ahead of her schedule. Ruhaani wanted to meet John so badly, she had never realised that she was not good enough for anyone, her parents didn't think much of her. She had never met a guy who loved her, John was the only one who believed in her, kept in touch until he didn't. She felt alone in the world. 

She had almost packed, she took out a package, and handed over to the boys, she wanted to say thanks to them for saving her lives, to give them what was supposed to be John's present, Dean asked if they could go for breakfast, Ruhaani denied, as she was already late. 


And she checked the room once again for her belongings, and checked out of the motel, she reached the bus station just on time to board the bus, but something stirred deep in her gut, so she left the place and rented a car from the nearest rental. She drove for hours only to stop for food and bathroom breaks by the end of the day she was exhausted, she found a motel nearby for the night's rest. Her phone was dead. She forgot to charge it yesterday.

She was browsing through channels when she found out about the animal attack on the bus, it looked like the bus she almost boarded, no one was alive, everyone on the bus was dead. She felt numb, she would have died too, if she boarded the bus.

As soon as she changed and ate dinner, she plugged in the charger to the phone.

 Her phone started buzzing, a number came on display, "Hello, Who is this?", " Ruhaani! Are you okay?" said a manly voice sounded relieved after hearing Ruhaani's voice.

"Yup this is she, and I am fine but who am I talking to?" "Ruhaani this is Dean, Dean Winchester, we were worried sick, we thought you boarded the bus, we thought you were dead" "Hey Dean, I am fine, I almost boarded the bus, but I didn't, so I hired a rental car." "Where are you? We are coming to get you." "Dean there is no need to worry, I am safe, you don't have to come to my rescue, I am not a damsel in distress" "Would you just listen, we just want to make sure that you are fine, now please tell us where are you." "Okay just this once then you won't bother me, I am in Las Vegas. "  Dean gave the name of a diner for meeting. 

Deans P.O.V.

After spending night protecting the angel/girl, we let her leave peacefully against all our better judgement, I did not want her to have a messed up life like us. Whatever she was, she deserves a chance of happy, normal life away from us, maybe that's why Dad didn't tell us about her. 


Suddenly there were voices on police radio, the chatter picked up on radio was about an animal attack on a bus going to Boston. All the bells started going off in our heads, Ruhaani was going to Boston and she talked about taking bus to Boston. We put our suits on, and went to check out the crime scene. When we reached we found that the animal attack was werewolf attack, no survivors, no eye witnesses but heart was missing from every one who boarded that bus, but thankfully Ruhaani was not on the bus, Sam tried to track her movements but was unable to get any information about her, Sam checked the security cameras of that area showing that she did not board any bus at all, instead she left. We tried calling her number but it was switched off, we had no way of contacting her, after eight long hours of trying to call her, her phone gave a ring instead of going to voice mail. She picked up, her voice was music to my ears, she was alive, she was safe, she was away. I convinced her to tell her where she was, she sounded reluctant, I could certainly understand, the girl/angel we want to save does not want us to bother her ....................  fan-freaking-tastic. She was in Vegas, wow finally a trip to gambling city without any case.

Vegas here we come.

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