26. Nightmare

Ruhaani woke up in her bed, she remembered meeting Lucifer the fallen angel, who was saying something about her being an angel, but it sounded crazy, she went down the hallway and saw Sam and Dean researching, Sam looked up and smiled, he realised that Ruhaani always glowed with hope no matter what the situation was, Dean saw Sam staring Roo, he rolled his eyes, it was obvious that Sam had developed feelings for Roo, Dean saw the guy tagging along with her every where, he wanted to push the guy to accept his feelings but Sam being a bone head never did.

Ruhaani asked about what happened and Dean explained everything, hell Dean even called Gabriel, for the first time in her entire life as human, Gabe met his li'l sister, Gabe's eyes were teary, he hugged her so tight that Ruhaani had to tell him that she was not able to breathe, Cas came along with the garrison, Ruhaani met all her elder brother and sister, she was overwhelmed, she went and hugged Dean and thanked him, Dean kissed her head, Sam saw Dean kissing Ruhaani and a little jealousy sprung in him from nowhere, after every one left, Ruhaani asked Gabe about her existence and Gabe told her-

"When Lucifer disappointed Dad, he banished Lucifer to hell, then Lucifer started to taint human souls and create demons in vengeance, the humanity was barely holding, Michael being an obedient son wanted to help Dad, but Dad knew killing demons won't do any good, so he created a little bundle of joy, happiness and trust thus you came into existence. He kept you hidden from all angels because he didn't want you to be a warrior, he wanted you to bring peace and calm, he gave you powers, powers that Lucifer craves, he made you powerful, more powerful than any archangel so no archangel not even Lucifer could kill you, he then blessed you to be born as human and gave me responsibility to keep you safe from all harms. You have never in these ten thousand years used any power that you have, you always followed your human nature. And if you want I can teach you, to harness your powers. Okay?"

Ruhaani nodded barely understanding those things.After that Gabe went away. Ruhaani told everything to Sam and Dean, but they knew everything before hand, Ruhaani knew her purpose now, but she was still human, and her angel brothers and sisters were still hurt from the fall, she wanted to help them but she could not, not yet, so she chose to stick around Winchesters, she loved them and she didn't want to leave them ever. 

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