10. Mad Boys

As soon as the words were out of Ruhaani's mouth, Sam flinched and Dean had his doubts. "Why do you want that?" said Sam. "C'mon Sammy its not like I want to be stuck here alone, while you guys hunt, making a difference , I want to be like you guys, I admire you, I want to be like you." Dean looked at Sam, deciding what to say to Ruhaani to not take a step in their world. "Ruhaani, this is not you want, trust me, this life is not for you, you deserve to have a chance at normal life" said Dean. "Dean... you know very well that my normal life ended the day I moved in with you. Guys whether you like it or not I am all in, and I want you guys to let me in, I made you my new family, I don't want to sit on my ass worrying about you" "Ruhaani could you excuse us for a while?" asked Sam.


Ruhaani left them alone. "Dean.. she has a point, she kinda gave up her life and came with us, and whether we like it or not we can not control her or what she wants." "But Sam, there is a great risk in it, what if she gets herself killed, what then, what about the Dad's wish" "But she has a choice too, we can train her, we can make sure she does not die, we choose the hunts she goes or not" 

"You know that she would won't give it up" hearing this Dean cursed.


Ruhaani came out of her room, she had been impatient ever since she asked boys to teach her hunting. Sam had brought dinner, it smelled nice, her stomach was rumbling because of hunger.

"Hey Roo Roo, hungry? I heard a tractor rumbling in distance" Sam joked. Dean came in the living room, he started looking for pie at the table.


"So what do you guys think about me joining the squad?" she asked hesitantly. "You are not going out hunting with us and that is final, if you want you can join some classes, if you want you can take up a normal job, but no hunting jobs." Dean replied in mood for no arguments 

"But it is my life, I want to hunt, what is wrong with it? I want to help you guys, I want to make a difference like you"

"Roo what Dean is trying to say is you should not get involved in this, it can get you killed, you can try to live your old life as much as you want, we have everything here in bunker" 

"Sammy please I might be able to help, pretty please..."

"Ruhaani, you are not hunting, and that is the end of this topic" said Dean


Ruhaani stormed off in anger. Sam and Dean watched her leave the room without even touching her. Sam and Dean finished off their food and left Ruhaani's food in fridge so she can eat after she cools down.They carried out their research.

Ruhaani locked herself in and did not come out for the rest of the night. The next day Sam showed food in the fridge to Dean, telling him that she is stilled pissed. 

Roo came down, Sam and Dean were eating breakfast, Sam smiled and asked her to join, Roo ignored and went to fridge and took a bottle of water and left, Dean called behind her but she did not listen.

"Looks like cry baby is having a temper tantrum"

"Yeah looks like she is still pissed, she is not going to give up that easy"

"Give it a day or two, she will come around"

"Let's just hope this passes away, but Dean what if she does not?"

They did not see Ruhaani for the whole day. Sam got lunch, called Dean and Ruhaani, she did not show up. Dean and Sam decided to go out for dinner, they knocked on Ruhaani's door but she did not reply or opened the door. 

They stood their knocking for about half hours and then left. It had been a day and Ruhaani did not eat, Sam and Dean did not bother her again.

Day 2

Ruhaani got up, took a long soothing bath and then shut herself in her room, Sam called her for meals, but she did not budge, Dean knocked on her door, she didn't open it.

Day 3

Routine of day 2 followed, Sam begged her to open the door and Dean threatened to kick the door open. Ruhaani did not open the door despite all their efforts.


Day 4

Ruhaani started to feel dizzy, she almost felt herself falling, but she was not going to give up that easy, they have to teach her. Any damn way but she is not going to let them order her around.


"Sam, where is she? Has she even eaten anything?"

"last I saw her, she was heading back into room after taking a bath, she looked bad"

"I will give it to her, she is not giving up easy"

"Dean she will kill herself, the way she is going, she is very stubborn"

"We will see" said Dean defeatedly 

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