35. Joy Hunt

Sam was surfing the web, as usual looking out for weird and freaky stuff. Ruhaani was messing with Dean trying to get him to eat healthy food, Dean was being the baby, Bobby was pouring scotch for himself when Ruhaani took it from him and put a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. "Balls!" "C'mon drink up, I am not letting you eat all that crap food from now on. New house rules, we get groceries and we cook food at home, no cheap takeouts, no nothing." said Ruhaani. "Who made you the boss?"asked Dean making a grumpy face.

"I did" said Ruhaani, Dean knew he cannot win this fight after all he adored her for taking care of all of them.

Ruhaani was glad that all the men loved her enough to put up with her, Sam was laughing watching all this, seeing Ruhaani smile when Bobby finished his orange juice, Sam's heart warmed up seeing Ruhaani beaming, it was the only thing that he looked upto, seeing Ruhaani, seeing Ruhaani chase Dean, taking care of him, listening to them all rambling. Ruhaani became the center of his universe, but poor Sammy too shy to admit it and make his move.

A news caught Sam's eye- 'Three people found dead in the alley, blood drained out', Sam called Dean, Ruhaani and Bobby, "Looks like our kinda thing" said Sam pointing towards news piece, "Worth checking out, let's pack and meet me in the garage in fifteen" Dean replied.

Sam and Ruhaani packed and drove away with Dean while Bobby checked out the books in bunker's library. The town was  five hour drive away from Bunker. Dean and Ruhaani pretended to be FBI and got the case files and after that they went to coroner's office to get the autopsy report on victims.

"This is no vamp" said Dean

"It can be a vamp not trying to get attention from hunters" replied Roo

"No, see vamps, they keep people alive for a while, they don't suck them dry all at once, but all vics turned up dead the very next day."

"So? What needs to drain blood from their vics body through needles?"

"Wait, what?"

"The coroner's report states that they all had needle marks on their body"

"I know what it is, we have to stop Sammy from going around and asking questions"

But it was too late. Djinn had overpowered Sam and enchanted him with the happy place fantasy.


Sam woke up in an unusual apartment, he saw his pictures on the wall with some girl, he got out only to see that he lived in Lawrence, Kansas. He started to freak out and he called Dean. 

"Hey Dean, can you pick me up? I am confused I am suddenly in Kansas"

"Sam, are you high? Ok let that slide, just give me the nearest landmark and I will pick you up" 

"I am standing near Joe's Bistro"

Dean came in a volvo, Sam was surprised and he asked about Impala, Dean told him that it's with their Dad, it felt odd. Dean then took him to his home, it was a nice home with backyard and swing sets.

"Sammy remove your shoes"

"But why?"

"You know Ruhaani, she does not like shoes inside the house"

Sam gasped, Dean was living with Ruhaani?

Sam saw wedding pictures on wall, Ruhaani draped in red saree and Dean in Indian ethnic wear and Ruhaani in white dress with Dean. Another picture of a baby.

Dean went inside and a little girl with black hair and brown eyes and tan skin jumped on Dean, Dean took the girl and kissed her forehead and then put her on the ground.

"Daddy, what is Uncle Sammy doing here? I thought we were going to dinner at Grandma and Grandpappy's"

"Maya sweetie, Uncle Sammy was not feeling well, that is why I got him here"

The girl, Maya walked upto Sam and kissed him.

"Let's have a look at our old photographs" suggested Sam, so he could understand what had happened.

Dean showed him their childhood pictures, of him and Dean and their parents,Ruhaani and Dean, Ruhaani and Dean's engagement party, their marriage, Ruhaani and Maya, Maya and Dean, Sam learned that Dean was an investment banker and he was a lawyer, and apparently Ruhaani was an architect.

Maya was fussing over her favorite uncle, getting him blanket to cover him and getting him juice. He saw something that he hadn't seen in Dean, Dean was happy, content and he was fine away from supernatural creeps. After all that Maya grew tired and Dean put her to sleep in her room.

"How is Kate? Did you call her yet? What's the deal with you man, today we all are supposed to go to Mom and Dad's and you are looking at old pictures !" Dean said after holding his tongue for a very long time .

"Sorry Dean, it just felt like.." Then suddenly the door opened, Sam got cautious, Ruhaani came in with groceries, Dean saw her and ran towards her.

"What are doing? You are not supposed to carry heavy stuff" taking the bags away from her

"It's not heavy Mr. Winchester" she said winking at him.

Dean ran and put everything on the kitchen counter. He then went to help Ruhaani get out of her coat. Sam saw them together, looking lovingly at each other, Dean kissed Ruhaani's lips hungrily and then put his lips on her neck, she moaned and Ruhaani's hands travelling all over Dean's body, Sam felt like he was being gutted to death and he went away.

When Ruhaani came in the living room and saw Sam, she hugged him, it was then that he noticed her belly, she was pregnant with another baby of Dean's.  Dean made her sit while he got her some water. 

"Sam.. where is Kate? You are coming to dinner today right?"

"Kate is sick, so she won't be joining"

"Oh that is sad"

"So, how is everything? Work? Kids?"

"Work is great, but you know Bobby Singer he thinks I am too fragile to do work, and kids I already have two kids and third one will pop out next month" Ruhaani exclaimed.

"We don't have two kids, wait is there any kid you didn't tell me about" pouted Dean.

"She is referring you, you dumbo" said Sam

"Hey I am not a kid, I am a big grown ass man who can prove that to you, scratch that I already have two proofs, see one is sleeping upstairs and another in there, but I won't mind giving you another biology lesson missy" said Dean to Ruhaani.

Ruhaani laughed, Sam was happy for Dean but he didn't want that, he wanted Ruhaani, he wanted them to be together.

At dinner Sam saw his parents, they were older. Sam hugged John like he would never let go, but John didn't mind, they all sat together and ate dinner, Sam wanted to savour the moment he knew he could never have.

Maya tried helping her Grandma in kitchen but ended up spilling sauce on herself all of them laughed, Ruhaani took a picture of all of them. During dessert time Dean went inside to get pie only to find Maya there.

"Hey sweetie, what are you eating?"

"Daddy, pie is delicious, you wanna try?"

"No, we have to share it with all of them or we can eat here and never say a word out"

So Dean joined Maya and started eating pie, Dean loved how his daughter was too much like him, sure she had some of her mother's traits, but man anyone could tell that she was his daughter. Sam came in to get the pie, only to find two culprits who were mouthful of pie. He laughed and called all of them, Mary took a picture and John made fun that how much Maya and Dean are alike, Maya being mini Dean. Sam didn't want to leave this world, sure it hurt that Ruhaani was with Dean, but their lives were perfect as can be. 

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