24. Introductions are in order

Ruhaani's POV

I was dancing like a maniac on the table, as I turned I saw a blonde woman, Dean, a well dressed guy, Sam and another man, they all were staring, apart from Dean, he was smirking. I was shocked, I backed up a little, only to fell down, next thing I know Sam and Dean are picking me up. Dean was still smirking, trying to hold his laugh, I wanted to smack that smirk right off his face.


"Woooahhhhhhhhh Woaaahhhhhhh why did you stop champ? That dance was quite something." said Dean with smirky face, "Kiss my ass Winchester" retorted Ruhaani. "The way you move it, I can do way more than that with your perky ass" chimed Dean. "Do you do this very often?"asked Sam. Ruhaani rolled her eyes at them.

Mary cleared her throat, Mick and Ketch seemed uncomfortable.

"Who are these people?" asked Ruhaani furrowing her eyebrows pointing towards the two men. 

Sam took matters into his own hand, "Mom this is Ruhaani, she is also a hunter, Ruhaani that is.." "Your Mom, I know that, John gave me your family portrait remember?" replied Ruhaani, "But I thought she was dead, John and Bobby both of them told me that their wives were dead." "Its a long story Roo, I will fill you up later" said Sam. "Dude you don't talk like that to a lady outside the bedroom" Dean joked. "This is Mick and Ketch, they are British Men of Letters" Sam continued. "Hello Ms..?"asked Mick with British accent. "Mishra.. Ruhaani Mishra" replied Ruhaani.

"You are a hunter. Where are you from, because I have met all American hunters, and I don't seem to recall you" asked Ketch. "That is because I am not American, I am Indian" replied Ruhaani. "As far as I know, there are no supernatural anomalies there in India, it is protected from a shield unexplained but protective shield that does not let any supernatural freak that roams the earth can set foot, then why a Indian hunter?" asked Ketch sternly.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, nodding to themselves, Mary looked in awe, and Ruhaani she did not understand much of it replied "I started hunting after coming to States, Winchester's taught me everything I know, they actually saved me twice from vampires and demons"  said Ruhaani.

"It's nice to meet you Ruhaani, you got great dance moves" complimented Mary with a genuine smile. Ruhaani smiled shyly. "So this is American Men of Letters Headquarters, it looks in good shape, let's have a look around shall we?" said Mick. 

Sam flinched and Dean looked irritated but they took those men for a tour of the bunker, Ruhaani was sitting awkwardly with Mary, "Do you want some beer?" asked Ruhaani. "That'd be great" Ruhaani handed a beer to Mary, "I see Sam and Dean are very fond of you, how did you meet?" inquired Mary. "I came to States to see John, I mean your husband, sorry, er..., so I texted John and instead of him these two showed up, but I had already met them while I was running away from vampire, but I didn't knew who they were until then." "Oh! How did you know John?" asked Mary, "He and Bobby, his hunting partner, saved me from getting kidnapped by some sleazy bastard" replied Ruhaani, Sam and Dean came along with those Britishers, Dean took out Whiskey bottle and some glasses and handed each to them, "So Ms Dancer, that is why you send us to hit the hay early" Sam joked, Ruhaani punched him in the chest and rolled her eyes. Dean, Sam, Mary and Mick were talking to each other about all the monster hunts that had been going and how Brits were hiring American hunters to do those jobs, while Ketch was eyeing Ruhaani, as if he was trying to figure out something about her, Dean saw this and walked up to Ruhaani, kissed her cheek and told her to go to sleep, Ruhaani was too tired to argue so she went to her room. 

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