12. Hunter 101

Ruhaani was excited, today was the day Sam was going to train her to be a hunter, she got up at 5 a.m., had a quick shower, and headed downstairs, Sam was waiting downstairs for Ruhaani. 

"Morning sleepy head" "A very good morning to you too giant" said Ruhaani. "Let's get started, you are going to learn to shoot" "Shoot what movies?" replied Ruhaani. "No you idiot, shooting guns, see you can shoot a ghost with rock salt and make it go away, you can kill a werewolf by shooting them with a silver bullet in their heart, same goes for shape shifter, wraiths, got it" "What are you waiting for? Teach me Sammy" "Hold the gun in your hand, now point it at the target, put safety off, and shoot, do you copy?" asked Sam. "Yeah yeah I copy, wow this is heavy, but awesome, I feel like Superman Neh Superwoman"  Sam chuckled. "Man I am a bad shooter", "You will learn, it's only day one, it's a work in progress" consoled Sam.

The rest of the day went in the shooting range, Ruhaani got better at shooting, but she flinched everytime she heard gunshots, after hours of practice she started shooting comfortably. Sam was watching her intently, her small soft hands were holding a gun, he was amused at the way Roo was shooting like a pro, her target got better. Dean came home and Sam told him what he and Roo did all day.

Ruhaani was in her room when Dean knocked, he opened the door to find her sleeping, he put pillows under her head and left the room."She is all lights out" said Dean, "Good, I will wake her up when dinner is ready. She is really keen on being a hunter Dean" "Don't think I don't know that, this scares me to my gut, she is an angel, who has been living and dying in same blood line, and apparently she does not even know that" answered Dean. "How do you know about she getting born in same bloodline? asked Sam. Dean took out the envelope addressed to Ruhaani from John Winchester.

"You stole her letter, the letter that Dad sent to Ruhaani! Are you mad? What if she finds out?" Sam spoke in a hushing tone. "C'mon Sammy, if I get caught, I will tell her that was feeling blue, and wanted to know more about you and Dad, she will be fine"Dean retorted.  Sam made a bitch face. "Look at this, Dad and Bobby got their memory erased, they remember meeting her but they would forget about her powers, so that they could protect her, if no one knew about her, neither heaven or hell or any other supernatural freaks. He wrote this before he and Bobby put a spell on themselves, that is why, Dad did not tell us about her"

He continued, "She is apparently the most powerful angel but we already knew that, she can cure supernatural freaks with her blood, and mind you her blood sings to supernatural freaks, she can only cure if she willingly wants them to get normal,but if someone tries to take it away from her, it can kill them, doesn't this sound like a jackpot! According to the lore about her existence, she can bring back dead people with just a snap of fingers, things which no archangel can do." "Dean if this is true,  she can get rid of every super natural being, but it is nothing, until then she is just a girl"

"Hmmm.... Sammy, its dinner time, get me some bacon, anything with onions and pie cherry apple pie and get our little Indian friend some Indian food, now scram"

"Jerk" Sam replied.

"Bitch" Dean said.  

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