38. Hunted

Roo was staying back while Sam and Dean went to hunt a werewolf in Kentucky and Bobby went out on a hunt with Rob, another hunter. Roo heard someone come in, she knew Sam and Dean won't be home for another two days, she pulled out her gun and went to see but no one was in sight. As soon as she turned something pinched her neck, she pulled it out to find a tranquilizer dart, soon everything turned black.


Sam and Dean came home and found Roo was not there, they called and asked Bobby  about Roo's whereabouts but Bobby said she was in bunker the day he left. Sam called every hunter they knew asking if Roo was with them, Dean tried calling Roo's cell which buzzed in her room. Something was not right, Roo never leaves without her phone or without notifying them Dean thought.

"Dean, look there is no sign of forced entry,if it was a work of demon it would be trapped inside the sigils, someone who has access to bunker, someone who is human has taken Roo."

"Sam, I have a bad feeling"

"It's British Men of Letters" both said in unison

"We have to find Roo, before it's too late" said Sam.

"Cas get your feathery ass down here, we need you" prayed Dean.

Wings fluttered and both Cas and Gabe appeared.

"What happened? Why did you call me?" asked Cas.

"They called you because Roo has been kidnapped" answered Gabe.

"Why would you think that?" asked Cas

"Because she does not just leave bunker whenever we are not around" said Sam with anger in his voice.

"She is hidden from all angels, I can not track her" said Cas.

"What about you douchebag?" asked Dean

"Didn't you hear your boyfriend, she is protected from all angels including me, I watch over her but I am not able to sense her anywhere, she must have been warded against angels" barked Gabe.

"So what are we going to do? How do we track her?" asked Cas

"I have an idea why don't we track those smug brits, I have a feeling that they might be a part of this" said Dean



Ruhaani was strapped to a chair, a light bulb over her head, straps had weird symbols on them, Ruhaani could sense someone was around her.

"What are you?" someone asked from shadows, he had an accent, British maybe.

"What do you mean, are you blind or dumb or both, wait let me guess...." something cut her skin, she saw a man, with mask on his face.

He than took her blood and chanted some spell, he was expecting something, but nothing happened, he tried this time with a different spell, still no result.

He left the room and some other people came and tested her with salt, silver anything that could relate that she was something unnatural. After a while they patched her up and dropped her at a diner near Bloomington, Illinois.

Ruhaani asked the manager if she could make a call, the manager agreed seeing her state, she called Sam.

"Hello Sam, it's me, Ruhaani..." in the middle of the sentence she choked on her tears, trying to be strong enough, not to cry or panic.

"Where are you? Just tell us where,we will come and get you" replied Sam worryingly as he heard Ruhaani gasp.

"I am at a diner near Bloomington, Illinois" she said gathering her courage.

"We will get you in an hour, don't worry" said Sam


After an hour or so Sam found Ruhaani sitting on the diner's stairs, she ran towards him, Sam noticed bruises on her arm and bandages all over her hand, he felt anger building in him, whosoever did it would pay the price.

Dean climbed out of baby and saw state of Ruhaani when she finally let go of Sam, she was crying, she was all bloody and bruised, Dean felt a pang of guilt, if only he had been there to protect her. He took Ruhaani from Sam and hugged her trying to comfort her, he kissed on her head.

"Nothing is going to happen to you,while I am alive, I won't let anything touch you" comforted Dean.

They made her sleep in the backseat while they discussed how to keep Roo safe from everyone.



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